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Old 27-04-10, 20:57
Treacle Treacle is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
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Coughing and clearing throat.

Hi everyone,

Had this problem since Feb..have been to the drs and he said Post nasal Drip due to lots of clear phlem in my throat giving me the urge to cough and clear my throat. Went away quite happy and within a week or so had almost gone and thought that was the end of it. Here we are nearly in may and its been there on and off since then.

When its bad i feel like i have a heavy irritated chest which everytime i breath tickles and i need to cough or clear my throat, the top off my back aches and if i take a deep breath i have a weird gurgling sensation imbetween by breasts; im not bringing anything up. It doesnt bother me all night but on waking i feel like iv'e got a heavy cold and my nose is almost always full off snot; and on one occasion my eyes and nose run all day.

This can almost stop for up to a week, and low and behold it starts again. Can excersize no problem and dont feel worse or gasp for breath afterwards or during.

Im at the end of my tether now and my cancer fears are at an all time high, my husband says to go to the drs to put my mind at rest; but im scared to death he'll say to go for xrays etc, i'll be convinced he thinks its something serious.

Just wanted to get things off my chest and hopefully hear from anyone who has had this or has post nasal drip and the symptoms i have mentioned, and has had it for weeks or months at a time. Would appreciate any tips on how to deal with this if it is PND!

Thankyou for taking the time to read,

Mandy xxx
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Old 28-04-10, 03:44
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j2 j2 is offline
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Re: Coughing and clearing throat.

I have had this type of problem off and on for years. It seems to be worse in the spring and fall but can happen at anytime. If you are not coughing up lots of blood, not the little ficks of blood you might have in your snot from a sinus infection but loads of blood then the dr is right, it is post nasal drip. For me, when I am really bothered I will take a benadryl before bed and it keeps the phlegm from draining while I sleep. This helps as does a plain old cough drop. I have noticed that my symptoms improve when I am by the ocean too since so I have some success with a neti pot. Anyway, if a trip to the doctor would make you feel better then do it but you are fine. I know what you are going through and it is hard to think straight so let out your anxiety through exercise or a good movie. If you need to talk we are always here. Take care.
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Old 28-04-10, 08:17
Treacle Treacle is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 25
Re: Coughing and clearing throat.

Thanks so much for your reply. I am going to bite the bullet and make an appointment with the Dr today.

God i hate feeling like this, it seems never ending. Please keep the replies coming any advice is gratefully recieved.


Mandy xxx
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Old 28-04-10, 09:44
MightyPC MightyPC is offline
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Re: Coughing and clearing throat.

Tracle, I have been getting this too since Feb, constant running down the back of my throat, having to clear my throat and coughong too. Though I keep getting blood in my mouth, especially in the mornings, which I believe is down to my gums bleeding, which they do. I am off to the dentist in an hour. I am also getting the back, shoulders and chest aches, again not all the time. Like you, I wouldnt say that I am getting breathless.

I keep getting a horrible taste in the back of my throat and also the odd high temperature. I explained it to my partner that it`s like having the flu, which comes and goes. My eyes feel like there is a wind blowing at them. I thought that it might be hayfever, I posted on here on Monday, though I am told you do not get a temperature with Hayfever. Strange, as the name would suggest otherwise.
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Old 20-07-10, 23:03
pedro pedro is offline
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Re: Coughing and clearing throat.

Hi Treacle, I am having similar problems. Are you still getting the same symptoms? Or are you cured now?
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Old 20-07-10, 23:49
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Re: Coughing and clearing throat.

Did the GP not prescribe anything cos they gave me something for it?

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