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Old 19-07-10, 23:54
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Hereford Al Hereford Al is offline
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Weird Alcohol Cravings?

Hi guys. Just a quick question. Been on citalopram for about 18 months now, and generally doing ok with them.

However, I have noticed from time to time that I get really weird Alcohol cravings. Nothing too bad, but they happen at really random moments! I never used to get them before being on Citalopram!

Anyone else get these?
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Old 27-09-10, 20:54
zeb zeb is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?

I had terrible cravings for alcohol on citalopram and once I started I couldn't stop, so Ive come off and went onto mirtazapine and found the cravings go completely. Doctors will tell you its you but research has shown there is a connection with alcoholism and serotonin and they are still looking into it, if you do start drinking more on it think about coming off and try a different type of antidepressant. In America alcohol abuse is down as a side affect for all ssri's but not here in the uk.
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Old 27-09-10, 21:38
trooper trooper is offline
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?

Sorry to hi-jack.

I get cravings, but I had them before, so can't blame CIT, I am worried about drinking on them due to how bad i feel after.

Zeb. Can you drink on mirtazapine? Does it affect your sex drive at all?
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Old 28-09-10, 16:23
janethompson janethompson is offline
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?

This is weird im on this drug and finding i need a drink every night and am drinking a lot more !!
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Old 28-09-10, 18:29
ditzygirl ditzygirl is offline
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?

No wonder I didn't do very well on cit!!!!!

Why do they prescribe such a drug???? GGGGrrrrrrrrrr

This is the person who has used alcohol as a crutch for anxiety.

My advise - give up the pop, you will feel so much better -the anxiety isn't as bad - HONEST!!!
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Old 05-10-10, 11:11
HoldSteady HoldSteady is offline
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?


I found that I was drinking more when on cit. In retrospect I think this was to take the edge off some of the side effects, plus it being on cit seemed to make me able to drink more without really getting drunk.

Don't forget that alcohol will counteract the good that the medication does. I can definitely vouch for this!


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Old 07-10-10, 13:23
jaded jean's Avatar
jaded jean jaded jean is offline
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?

This is very interesting through what I have read in the posts here today.
I have not touched alcohol since I started on prozac 13 years ag. I am now on cit. and am in my 7th month of taking it. In the past 2/3 weeks I have noticed that I have wanted a drink not mattering what it was I wanted something alcoholic. I hevent bothered with it at all then wham all of a sudden I fancy a cool half cider or beer its so weird .
if you dont change direction ~ you will end up where you were headed
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Old 07-10-10, 14:14
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Re: Weird Alcohol Cravings?

Hi all
It is interesting to read your posts.
I have been on Citalopram for a year and a half and I have found that I really crave alcohol. I didn't use to drink at all whilst taking it but now I drink red wine, and I love it - yet I used to hate red wine. I actually cannot wait until the evening when I allow myself a drink or two...
I get cravings for alchohol especially in the afternoons/evenings.
Alcoholism runs in my family and my mum died through drinking, plus other family members are alcoholics, so I know the dangers of me drinking too well...even now though I am craving a glass of wine.
I wonder if it is the Citalopram causing this
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