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Medication Please post any experiences, questions or advice on medication here.
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Old 21-07-10, 00:24
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Propranolol / Quetiapine(Seroquel)

I am relatively new here and I have introduced in the main forum. I suffer from panic attacks due to hyper vigilance related to "war ptsd" and I also suffer panic attacks related to health anxiety about my heart.

My GP/Psyc doc started me on propranolol about 2 months ago which has had little success and caused me more anxiety about my heart due to unpleasant side effects dizziness weakness fatigue and slow pulse 45/55 bpm under the influence of 80mg SR. I have started recently on a drug called quetiapine(seroquel) 250mg SR daily I have been on quetiapine before a few years back and it was very effective against depression and hyper vigilance anxiety however it makes my appetite go through the roof. I hope that it has some benefit on treating my health anxiety then I can come of the beta blocker. Has anybody had success or even tried quetiapine for this kind of anxiety?

Thanks C.
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Old 21-07-10, 09:11
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Re: Propranolol / Quetiapine(Seroquel)

hi there,, i have pm you,, seroquel saved me from a dark place,, and you do it more but ive noticed that gets better,, i put a few pounds on but have now lost it all and i was on the single doses then,, now on xr and everything is even, no sudden rush to the food cuboard, lol,,
Current meds,
duloxetine 60mg am/ pm , cut out night time one,, see how it goes,
seroquel 200mg xr pm ------ weaned down to 150mg-------now 100mg------ 50mg---------NONE-----back on 50mg

diaizpam 5mg, as needed.

come on panic attack do your worse,, you can knock me down,, BUT I WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN.
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propranolol, quetiapine, quetiapineseroquel, seroquel

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