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Social Anxiety Please post any messages here about Social Anxiety.
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Old 21-07-10, 13:34
Kieran Kieran is offline
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First date nerves

Obviously first date nerves are totally normal.

But maybe someone could give me some nice advice to sort of - calm me down before it?

This is the first real date I've had since my anx started about 2 years ago, so maybe I'm a bit out of practise.

Cheers, Kieran

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Old 21-07-10, 15:25
sb001f8994's Avatar
sb001f8994 sb001f8994 is offline
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Re: First date nerves

Hi Kieran,
Just try and stay calm and go with the flow. Be yourself, smile and enjoy!
Good luck, have a good time.
Carol xx
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Old 21-07-10, 20:26
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verity verity is offline
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Re: First date nerves

Hi Kieran,

Good luck with your date, its really brave of you!

Show lots of interest in the other person and ask questions, im not sure how well you know your date but note a few things down that you would like to know about them (dont take the notes! haha). But it will help your memory if you read over them before you go incase ya brain goes blank! which can happen to me!

Good topics are family, interests, pets, music, film you catch my drift. If you show interest in your date then it makes them feel special! Go with the intension of making them feel good even if you are a bag of nerves!

Oh yes smile lots, but dont look manic lol and laugh at their jokes.

Where are you going for your date?

Verity XxX
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Old 21-07-10, 20:30
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supersezza supersezza is offline
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Re: First date nerves

ask questions and listen!

just think of it as friendship to start off with?

good luck!!
Back to life, back to reality!
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Old 22-07-10, 11:54
Kieran Kieran is offline
New member
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Re: First date nerves

Date went well. Cheers for the advice guys, much appreciated.
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