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Old 05-08-10, 13:32
rjfs rjfs is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

Hi All,

Another Newbie but have been reading the NMP posts over the last 3 weeks since starting citalopram 10mg and found it a great help, so thanks to all other members who posted about citalopram.

I tapered off Mirtazapine as it seemed it was no longer working after 4 years on 45mg to 30mg for a week then 15mg for a week and started the 10mg of Citalopram 3 weeks ago. The first 10 days of Citalopram were hell, as alot of you can relate too! Only getting 1 hours sleep at the most per night even with temazapam as well. Also experienced a huge increase in suicidal thoughts (even though I feel I would not act upon them it was on my mind constantly) my anxiety was through the roof and depression through the floor but after about 10 days this all seemed to die down apart from the insomnia and I am getting about 3 hours a night now which is better than before.

Went to the Doctors today for a review and he is keeping me on 10mg of citalopram and changed my sleeping tablet to Zopiclone 7.5mg, so fingers crossed I will get a good nights sleep tonight!!

I have read on NMP that 20mg is considered the theraputic dose and 10mg of citalopram is just to get your system used to it. I am a bit more optomistic now and who would not be after going through hell for the first 10 days or so on Citalopram- I think my feeling now is just relieve that things have settled a bit.

After my rambling, my question would be, should my GP not have increased my dose to 20mg instead of keeping me on 10mg for at least another month. He said he did not want to rock the boat after I explained the side effects I encountered, however, now that I am 3 weeks on I would like my depression to be the priority and am worried that 10mg will not help my depression. I know I may experience the side effects again if I go up to 20mg (but should be reduced side effects), then 40mg in longer term.

I got a new 1 month supply of 10mg Citalopram today which means I could increase my dose myself to 20mg a day and then see my GP in 2 weeks, when that runs out or should I wait and allow 10mg more time? I want to get the benifits of Citalopram sooner rather than later and dont know if 10mg will help with the depression, as it is a low dose.

Any views on this would be appreciated?


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Old 05-08-10, 13:39
GlasgowGuy GlasgowGuy is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Re: Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

I've just started on Citalopram. Had a 9 week break from anti-d's thinking I'll do it myself. Bad move!

Agreed with my high anxiety, with my GP, to start on 10mg going up to 20mg. I'm on Day 9 of 10mg and my GP is wanting me to go up to 20mg on Monday. I have, with his advice, been using Diazepam to try and lessen the side effects. I think a lot is down to the individual patient and the GP.

Don't know if this had answered your question but is to let you know my story. As a lot of people on here suggest, and I totally agree with, keep in touch with your GP and talk about it with him/her. Explain any fears or side effects you are having and take it from there.

Hope you get on ok.
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Old 05-08-10, 15:12
JT69's Avatar
JT69 JT69 is offline
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Re: Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

Hi Jeff,

Sounds to me like your GP wants you to settle a bit more on the 10mg before increasing to 20mg. You are right that 20mg is a thereputic dose...my GP told me when I took them that 10mg is a very very low dose.

Its a difficult one to call....and if I was you I would take the advice of your GP...its not a good idea to increase your dose without their say so really even though I can understand where you are coming from.

Why dont you wait another week and see if you settle down a little more then perhaps make another appointment and chat about changing your dose to 20mg??

Hope that helps...as i say it is a difficult one to call as I am not a GP and I think his main concern is that the side effects settle more before going on a higher dose.

Take care and hope you feel better soon.

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Old 05-08-10, 16:28
Dragonsblonde's Avatar
Dragonsblonde Dragonsblonde is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
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Re: Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

My GP would not consider raising my dose to 20mg until I had been Side Effect free for at least 10 days and my side effects were very minor in comparison to most.

Like you I wanted in part to "just get started" on tackling the problem, but now am glad she took the lead to be honest. On the increase I am again going through some side effects and at times different ones to when I started on the 10mg.

The GP. knows you, your history and your medical history and you should always work with them on it For the first 4 weeks my GP saw me once a week to check in and now wants me on 4 weeks of 20mg and then have another review. Her advice was to take it slowly and gradually to start for maximum benefit in the long run
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Old 05-08-10, 21:21
rjfs rjfs is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 2
Re: Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

Thanks everyone, think I will wait a week or so and take it from there. Like most of us, I am wanting to get rid of the depression quickly but I suppose I will have to be patient.

Thanks again and good luck to all on their journey!

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Old 09-08-10, 20:17
fuzzy head fuzzy head is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 11
Re: Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

I think your GP has done the right thing putting you on 10mg. I've just been put on Cit and have started on 20mg. My head feels like it's going to explode. I'm dizzy and nauseous in the morning. I'm only into day 3 so far!
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Old 11-08-10, 09:59
rachelb rachelb is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 40
Re: Citalopram- is 3 weeks to early to increase dose from 10mg to 20mg

Having started on 20mg, found it too much, started again on 5mg, then up to 10mg, then 15mg and now 20mg each waiting for the side effects to die off, I am glad I did it that way rather than battling on with 20mg, but each to their own. I would definitely wait till your side effects decrease, listen to your body, if it isn't ready then I wouldn't push it - you could discuss with your GP about going to 15mg after a couple of weeks as a stepping stone?
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