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Old 18-03-06, 11:44
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Sore throat-Can Anxiety Do Things To Throat/Mouth


I have been suffering with a slight sore throat over the past week and have seen the doctor twice about it.

My second visit to the doctor was yesterday (he is the doctor who sees me for my anxiety).

The doctor felt my neck and looked into the throat and said it's slightly red and there is catarrh in the throat.
The doctor gave me some antibiotics called amoxicillin to help settle the guitar.
Full blood count also came back perfect.

What's on my mind is that there is something serious going on in my throat.

When I wake up, the throat appears ok but around 10am - 11am the throat starts to feel sore.

I'm have recently increased my amatriptiline from 30mg to 40mg (which, does say can cause dry mouth).

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Old 18-03-06, 15:10
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I think the word you are looking for is catarrh.

Is the throat just sore or is it hard to swallow as well - like there is a lump in the throat?

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Old 18-03-06, 15:19
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It feels like a cold is brewing, a little sore but is always ok in the morning when I wake up, it starts to tickle around 10am - 11am.

Feels tight as well but not sure if that's anxiety.

The top of my mouth also tickles.

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Old 18-03-06, 23:57
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Get yourself some strepsils with anaesthetic , may help you no be so concerned

The tight bit may well be anxiety


proactiveness, positivity, persistence, perseverance and practice = progress
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Old 20-03-06, 19:15
kefola kefola is offline
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Hi Tony, Can I just tell you that this is exactly how my anxiety started. Last June or so, I started to get the very same thing you are talking about. I was fine in the morning and it wouldn't come on until maybe midday or even later. Strangely enough, it was fine the two times I went on holiday. My throat also looked red on examination and I had the catarrh as well. It ended up with a bad sinus infection but eventually the symptoms wore off by themselves.
It sounds like you are on the right tablets for it so in essence I think half of your problem is a bit of a sinus/throat infection and half is anxiety.
One thing you might think about is your breathing. Hyperventilation can cause exactly the symptoms you are talking about. Try breathing through your nose all the time. It's hard at first but just try and convince yourself to do it when you think about it and eventually it becomes habit. The other thing to try is put your hand on your tummy and when you inhale make sure the hand moves.
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Old 31-03-06, 18:24
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For people who are aware of my problems, frequent urintation and sore throat.

Today my urination has been a lot better but that has been to my mind be taken off it by this sore throat again.

In the past I always put it down to a cold brewing but these days I'm worrying myself over it again. It's slight sore (not as bad as it is when you get a cold) but it's enoying.

Can anxiety cause a slight sore throat as I'm worrying again about cancer?

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Old 25-11-12, 20:25
mdoomsday mdoomsday is offline
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Re: Sore throat-Can Anxiety Do Things To Throat/Mouth

tony, i am in the same boat as you except on 2012. any new suggestions
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anxiety, sore, things, throat or mouth, throatcan

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