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Old 11-01-11, 10:38
mikeee mikeee is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
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how long for fluoxetine to work???

hi,i am now on day 9 on my fluoxetine (20mg per day). - and so far nothing.nothing at all, idont feel worse,i dont feel better..no side effects,nothing. - how are you supposed to know if they are doing anything? - you know,that youre not wasting your time,because they are the wrong ones for you etc?? - i know these things are supposed to take time,but how long is time??!! - thanks,mike.
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Old 11-01-11, 12:24
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Caroline39 Caroline39 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
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Re: how long for fluoxetine to work???

Hi Mikeeee, I'm also on flluroxetine.. I have been on them for 10 weeks now... I found after about 6 weeks I felt a bit better, however I was still getting symptoms from my anxiety so I went back to the doctor and he increased the dose from 20mg to 40mg.. I have been on the increased dose for just over a week and had a blip yesterday morning.. I have to say I coped a lot better and still had my appetite, which I would lose straight away.. I also had a good nights sleep which I wouldn't have done previously so I do believe they are beginning to work now.. I did put a thread on here yesterday because I thought the dreaded anxiety was coming back and some kind people said my body is still adjusting to the increased dose.. I hope my story helps you, but if you still have doubts please go back to your doctor for advice.. Fluroxetine is a slow releasing drug hence that's why it's take so long to reach the brain.. I wish you lots of luck and please keep in touch.. xxx
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Old 11-01-11, 15:17
unfitwellhappy unfitwellhappy is online now
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Re: how long for fluoxetine to work???

Depends really, it did take a few (4-5) weeks before i started to notice the effect, but looking back on it, I was able to function normally after a week or 2 of taking it - might have been a placebo effect before they kicked in, but whatever works really.

I found the anxiety to be bad though during start up and recently had a blip when moving from 40 to 20mg, i'm now back up to 40 and my Doc has given me Propranolol (Beta Blocker) which takes away the physical symptoms of Anxiety - only been two days but it's been pretty good.

Keep at it though, you haven't had any side effects which is always a good thing, but remember - even if you do, try not to worry about it and speak to your Doc

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