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Old 07-02-11, 20:42
kah kah is offline
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Test for food intolerances?

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is in the right section so apologies if not....

...I just wondered if anyone has had tests for food intolerances? I've been worrying myself silly over my stomach problems (GP said it's IBS but I'm not too sure) but after doing a bit of research online I'm wondering if I have a food intolerance. Problem is I'm not sure where to go from here. Do the NHS do testing or could anyone recommend a company they've been tested with?

Thanks in advance

K xxx
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Old 07-02-11, 21:00
countrygirl countrygirl is offline
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Re: Test for food intolerances?

I have had two test for food intolerance 5 yrs apart using the elisa method of blood test that is the most accurate there is.

there are no tests available on NHS as food intolerance is not recognised as an illness only food allergy which is completely different or auto immune problems like cealiac disease ( gluten in grains).

I used York Test Laboratories as they are the leader in elisa testing but they are expensive if you have the full range of foods tested for and i am not totally convinced how effective any of it is other than following an elimination diet.

The first time I tested mildy intolerant to coconut and I hate this so never ever eat it and second time mildy intolerant to millet which I thought only budgies ate!

I also have a friend who is intolerant to wheat ( elimination diet confirmed this) but she did not have any intolerances on about 4 different tests one of which was the elisa test.

the cheapest option is to cut out whatever you think might be the problem totally ( so no manufactured food unless you read all the labels intently!) for 2 weeks and see if any improvement then you re introduce the food in small amount and see if any reaction. Its hard work and slow but only sure way of knowing.
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