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Old 18-02-11, 00:42
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Citalopram side effects

Okay...I just scared the bejibbers out of myself. I'm trying to get the nerve to take my first dose of 10mg Citalopram. I found the Citalopram survivors guide on this website and read that one of the worst and most common side effects is hallucinations and strange visions!!!! I think I could probably handle any side effects but that. Has anyone else experienced these side effects? If so, how did you handle it? How did you possibly deal with that?

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Old 18-02-11, 01:12
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Re: Citalopram side effects

Iv'e had weird dreams and heard strange loud noises,while sleeping...This only happens though for a couple of wks when i alter the dose of my citalopram....

Why don't you start on 5mg break ur tablet in half, your likely to get less side effects if you increase the dose gradually rather than taking the whole amount striaght away.....
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Old 18-02-11, 03:26
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Re: Citalopram side effects

Have not had any major side effects of note for about 4 weeks. I have alredy forgotten what I had the first week. It was not anxiety, or at least it was not worse than normal. I would expect a few spooky times when getting off of it, those may be more common.
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