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Old 02-03-11, 15:41
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Always have to Pee

I am long time sufferer of HA. I am a 40 yr old male not on meds. Lately I am having to urinate all the time. I go to the bathroom all the time and usually a normal amount even if I don't think I drank very much. Sometimes when I pee I go for a while and then seem to relax a bit and go some more. I am very worried about my prostate right now. Sometimes my urine flow seems weak but other times it seems fine. I don't know if I am old enough to worry about this but I am. Anyone have any experience with this? Please!
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Old 09-08-11, 21:21
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Re: Always have to Pee

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with GAD. Needing to pee all the time was where it started with me. Like you, I was worried about my prostate. I told my GP, who sent me for blood tests (they check for prostate-specific antigens). He also did a digital rectal examination. Turns out my prostate is "boggy" (a bit soft and slightly enlarged) but basically fine. I've since been to see a urologist, who tells me an overactive bladder is a very common symptom of anxiety.
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Old 25-02-12, 15:44
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Re: Always have to Pee

i dont really buy into the bladder/anxiety thing but thats just my own take on it.
a cystoscopy should find out if you have any issues in the bladder, prostate or urethra.
they also check your urine and blood. have it checked. the cystoscopy is nothing to worry about and doesnt hurt just a little sting at first. its a day case and you drive home afterwards. they also take any biopsies needed if they spot something.
if medication hasnt cleared up any suspected infections then this is what i would ask my doctor for.
ive had this and opted to try Botox to desensitise the bladder as i always felt like going but sometimes couldnt pass a drop.
i do think though that a bladder which has given trouble for years does take alittle time to settle back down after treatment so dont expect an overnight cure.
keep accurate records for one week of your drinking intake volume and what the drink is, time of peeing, type of pee (slow, dribbling, forcing out, easy, difficult etc) and if possible the volume of urine (use an old or cheap new measuring jug that you wont need for any other purpose-throw away after the week). hand the notes to your doctor as this will give him a great overview of whats happening. keep the record too in case you go to see a urologist.
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