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Old 02-04-11, 01:37
kellikbock kellikbock is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
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Unhappy Underarm Pain/Discomfort

I do so well for a while & then something rushes back up. Lately, I've had underarm pain (more on my left side). There is no lump there & no swelling (that I can see). I recently had a breast & underarm ultrasound (Two weeks ago) and the surgeon told me that the lymph nodes look completely normal there.
I can't help but be fearful of the worst that I can imagine (cancer). I've made an appointment to see my general doctor next week, but I just need help or advice from someone who may have had this before...anyone? I hate this anxiety...

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Old 02-04-11, 06:18
Greenman50's Avatar
Greenman50 Greenman50 is offline
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Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

Under arm pain on the left hand side was what started me off with health anxiety , things slowly progressed to neck pain , burning skin etc through worry etc etc etc .
Had loads of blood tests as the lypmh node was enlarged for months , i had a scan at the breast clinic (only male in there ) , like yours it was normal . Underarm pain can be caused by muscle tension from the chest (my doctor explained this) .
I still get under arm pain now but i just ignore it , its been there since August 2010 so i give it no head space . If you have had a scan by all means see the Dr but i don,t think you have anything to worry about
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Old 02-04-11, 09:24
pb pb is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

I had this for a couple of months and then it disappeared.
I found that mine was caused by wearing too tight clothes in bed that was restricting my arms and making me sweat.
I brought some new nighties but looser & this really helped, also i stopped using spray deorderant.
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Old 03-04-11, 03:09
kellikbock kellikbock is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 16
Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

Well, the pain is a lot better today. I took some over the counter medicine, wore a more supportive bra & did my best to distract myself during the day.
Although my underarm doesn't ache, now my shoulder is burning like I pulled a muscle & a little up my neck...now I'm wondering if I just pulled something or have inflamation going on around that area...
Thanks for the support!
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Old 05-04-11, 03:46
kellikbock kellikbock is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 16
Arrow Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

OK, the armpit isn't bothering me as much anymore...BUT my arm bicep and shoulder (on the top) are BURNING with pain and aching...and the part of skin from the armpit to the shoulder causes the pain if touched, etc...I'm starting to freak out, again....I want to communicate this pain to my doctor correctly without sounding crazy...I'm worried that I have loomig cancer somehow & it's making me feel horrible & scared. I'm trying to cover feeling depressed for my family & friends but that also makes me feel so tired and stressed....does this sound muscular? Bursitis? Tendonitis?
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Old 05-04-11, 10:55
AngelHeart's Avatar
AngelHeart AngelHeart is offline
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Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

I had similar in my left breast and underarm 9 years ago when my anxiety was at its peak. Got it checked out by the dr who thought it was muscular but I was convinced I had cancer or the start of heart disease. After a couple of months ( and me starting to focus on something else ) it went away and Ive not had it back since !

HTH Pauline xxx
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Old 05-04-11, 11:10
bluetopazgirl bluetopazgirl is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
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Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

Hey hun, ive also been through that and it seems to be at the height of my anxiety, i prod to feel for lymph nodes and i dont find anything, gp has checked it many times and found nothing, he put it down to musclar at first and then anxiety. it often comes back but i ignore it. i can be quite sore after ive shaved too but i try to ignore it.

big hugs xx
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Old 18-08-13, 19:31
Sallyf23 Sallyf23 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
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Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

I had this and found out it was because I was using the 24/48 hour deodorant, it blocks up your sweat glands! No longer use it and am fine x
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Old 14-09-13, 21:35
danii123 danii123 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 2
Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

Hey guys . I'm new to this site . Still learning . I found this post on google by Googleing under arm pain . So realived thay for the first time cancer isn't the first link .... well my symptoms are Sharp armpit pains . I get them at random times . Ussaly before during or after a panic attack .I found 2 lumps in my armpita one in each . There extreamly hard to find . Both under 1cm my cousin who is fresh out of med school said its regular size of a node . I shouldn't worry . I also think its caused by anxiety because my chest pains neck paimns and armpit pains only started hurting after my health anxiety started . So I reasure myself with that . But sometimes my mind just runs ): . I had a ekg (ithink its called tthe heart test ) blood work and its all fine . Wasn't approved for under and chest ultra because I'm 15 .... us insurance are pain I'm the buttt . I have a copay of 600 $ usd for the bloood . Work . Well anyways iwanted to ask and share some ways to cope with health anxiety . Im ussaly calm woth freinds and working out helps a lot . A shower after a workout is the best . Whatt are some of the ways you cope or ease health anxiety ?
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Old 18-09-13, 17:53
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Tinker28 Tinker28 is offline
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Re: Underarm Pain/Discomfort

I have the same pain under my left arm pit it comes and goes and I just saw my doctor about it and he is sending me for an ultra sound he felt around and felt nothing and is checking my blood CBC I'm very worried now. I'm scared they will find something can anyone help me? My anxiety has been through the roof lately. I'm sitting outside the doctors office in my car in the rain booked the appointment and got in within 2 days which also scares me. When I saw my doctor I wanted to really talk to him about my health anxieties. I always chicken out though. Can anyone help me, Please!!
Relax, it's all been done before.
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