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Benefits - ESA/DLA/PIP/JSA/ATOS etc Post here about Benefits / ATOS etc.
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Old 03-04-11, 17:13
joolz07 joolz07 is offline
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Questions at Atos medical

Hi ...... panicking ALOT .......

My form was handed in last week (Newcastle). I know now that I made the mistake of filling in the form by myself (I was so anxious I didn't look up any help on the net). So I guess I will have no doubt failed already.
I have been claiming ESA sinc early Jan when Dr told me I was too bad to be working. I suffer from Anxiety/Panic and severe Tinnitus/Hyperacusis (which has given me thoughts of suicide on more than one occasion).

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of questions you are asked for Mental Health problems. I have been told they ask how you got there etc and I am taking someone with me (who coincidently works for the DWP).
I have read that they ask you how much tv you watch and what your hobbies are etc ...... are they trying to catch you out with something???

I am sorry if some of this does not make sense but I am pretty freaked out.
I don't know how long it will take to get the brown envelope with my medical app time and date in it .... my friend handed it in and said there was quite a pile and the receptionist said they were only seeing people twice a week becasue of cut backs, I do not know how much of that to believe though.

so sorry for rambling. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I do want to go back to my job I am just not capable yet.

Julie xx
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Old 03-04-11, 18:22
ditzygirl ditzygirl is offline
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Re: Questions at Atos medical

Oh Julie,

Good luck, I am having nightmare with the DWP. Have a look through my posts.

My partner took my form in and was told if people are fit enough to turn up to their ATOS interview they were fit enough to work!

You can have a home visit but will need your GP to request it.

Oh and be patient and hope you have some savings, coz you will have to fight for money.

Use your local MP's though, they need to understand anxiety.

Good luck

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Old 03-04-11, 18:44
Tikka Tikka is offline
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Re: Questions at Atos medical

Hi joolz07
I went to the CAB to get help a couple of years ago when I couldn't work full time due to Lupus and depression and found that they have people trained specifically in order to help people complete forms for DWP and dissability benefits, they were wonderful and bent over backwards to help me.
Hope this might be helpful
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Old 03-04-11, 18:58
deepreason deepreason is offline
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Re: Questions at Atos medical

If you get rejected, immediately appeal and they will reinstate your money pending the appeal.
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Old 03-04-11, 20:22
joolz07 joolz07 is offline
New member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 59
Re: Questions at Atos medical

Thanks for the advice guys ..... was getting myself in a bit of a state
Been told about some trick questions too such as, how much tv do you watch? and do you read alot?
They don't realise (or care) how much extra stress they are putting us under.
Julie x
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Old 22-06-11, 19:25
nervy-paul's Avatar
nervy-paul nervy-paul is offline
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Re: Questions at Atos medical

I was due to go for my fifth atos assessment yesterday, but got a last minute call to say it had been cancelled due to 'unforseen circumstances'. I was just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?

Personally I felt it was a double-edged sword for me - I didn't have the ordeal of going through the assessment, but I still had it ahead of me, and all the anxious build up to go with it.
I live in my own little world, but it's ok...they know me here.
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Old 22-06-11, 23:59
shotokansho shotokansho is offline
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Re: Questions at Atos medical

Hiya. Honestly it's not as bad as it seems or sounds. I was terrified of mine, I'm also on ESA. I was taken into a room with a lady, a really nice pleasant lady and the room was nice and warm and comfortable. The lady just basically asks questions about how your illness effects you life and how it stops you from working. Just answer as precisley and honestly as you can. Also take all the evidence, such as Letters, psychiatric and doctors letters and reports. Honestly be brave, you will be fine. I was awarded mine and now I don't have to keep sending in sick notes to the DWP which makes life so much easier.
As mentioned before if you do get taken off it appeal immediately, and remember they can't let you live off nothing. You can also take an advocate with you or a support worker for support.
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