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Old 13-04-11, 08:26
lelespears lelespears is offline
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Ovulation & bowel movements

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Today I'm at the peak of ovulation and it hurts.. This morning when I went to the loo for a number 2 my ovaries were agony!! Is this normal, sure I read this is a symptom for cervical cancer.

Lele x
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Old 13-04-11, 09:42
rubynoodles rubynoodles is offline
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Re: Ovulation & bowel movements

Hi there

Its quite normal for some women to have pain around the time of ovulation and unfortunately I too suffer from the same thing (have done for years), my gp called it 'mittelschmerz' which I think means middle pain!

I also have IBS and find that it really flares up around ovulation and before and during my periods.

The pain can be really awful but I have found in the past taking a vitamin b complex helped. I havent taken them for a while and do get quite a lot of discomfort during ovulation so might start taking them again.

Hope this helps.
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Old 13-04-11, 09:56
lelespears lelespears is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 576
Re: Ovulation & bowel movements

Thanx will buy these today. It's so scary being a woman!

Lele x
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Old 13-04-11, 11:51
emmawalton emmawalton is offline
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Re: Ovulation & bowel movements

i get these problems too can be doubled over in pain, nice to know somebody suffers too.
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bowel, movements, ovulation

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