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Old 06-05-11, 17:02
Princess Sparkle's Avatar
Princess Sparkle Princess Sparkle is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
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Pulled Stomach Muscles? Hernia?

I've been having so much trouble with my stomach lately! Apart from my tummy troubles, my health anxiety has been much better over the past few days, but now I am worrying again because of the tummy troubles.

I've been having problems with wind and constipation (though I have passed stools regularly). The last time I went to the toilet (about three hours ago) I had to give a little push to get my stools out. I didn't strain - it was literally just a little push. However, after I'd been to the toilet, I found I had a pain in my right side.

Although I am sure it is just a pulled muscle, I am secretly freaking out that I might've given myself a hernia or something similar! Ah, health anxiety! I know it's stupid, but I can't help but think....what if?

It's not a bad pain - just a kind of 'pulling', uncomfortable feeling and it hasn't gotten any worse since I did it. It doesn't get worse when I move around and seems to be better when I'm standing rather than sitting or lying down. It's a bit like a stitch pain, only not as bad or sharp as that. There's no swelling or anything like that.

Can anyone offer me some reassurance please? Does this sound like a pulled muscle? It couldn't be a hernia, right? I also still feel like I have some trapped wind and some stools I haven't been able to pass, so maybe this is a related pain (though it doesn't feel like my usual wind pains)? Help!

Why do these things always happen on a Friday evening? I think maybe it's because I know I can't get to the doctors over the weekend...
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Old 06-05-11, 17:20
CorneliusRuperTravis CorneliusRuperTravis is offline
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Re: Pulled Stomach Muscles? Hernia?

Hey Sparkle, hope you're okay x

I'm having the same kind of pain as you are at the moment. It sounds just like muscular pain to me. Here's a little test for you: stand up straight and slowly lean backwards to tighten your stomach muscles, or try sticking your arms out and twisting your body round. Does the pain only come when you stretch it? Does it stop when you relax and stop moving? If so, it's muscular pain. I'm pretty sure that if you had a hernia the pain would be continuous and wouldn't stop, and you'd probably be doubled over from the pain. You possibly have a touch of IBS on top of that, but I wouldn't let it bother you. Just make sure you rest your muscles, the pain should pass once you take your mind off of it. Hope this helps x
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Old 06-05-11, 18:56
Princess Sparkle's Avatar
Princess Sparkle Princess Sparkle is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 37
Re: Pulled Stomach Muscles? Hernia?

Thanks for the reply!

I'm feeling a little better now and have almost managed to convince myself that the pain is wind/IBS related, as I feel like I have trapped wind and I'm getting pains in other places too now as well (though the original pain is still there).

It is worse when I twist round, which does suggest muscular pain, though it doesn't bother me when I bend forwards or back. And it seems to be worse when I'm sitting down - which makes me think that maybe it's trapped wind that's causing it. It's not bad pain though, just niggly and uncomfortable.

I'm going to try to deal with the wind/tummy troubles and see if that helps!
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Old 06-05-11, 23:01
onlysmee onlysmee is offline
Join Date: May 2011
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Re: Pulled Stomach Muscles? Hernia?

Does it go away with standard painkillers - i.e. ibuprofen / paracetemol? I get chronic pelvic / low stomach pain, probably due to adhesions from previous surgery and infections, and I was always worried about distinguishing this "residual" pain from a new problem. My consultant told me to try popping a couple of painkillers - if the pain went, or diminished to a very bearable level, it was safe to leave things for a while to see if they resolved themselves. If the pain is still hard to cope with after painkillers, it's more likely to be something serious. And if the painkillers make the pain go, you are more likely to relax for a while which will help things improve!
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Old 07-05-11, 16:34
Princess Sparkle's Avatar
Princess Sparkle Princess Sparkle is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 37
Re: Pulled Stomach Muscles? Hernia?

Thanks for the advice - I haven't tried painkillers yet, as I try to only take them when necessary (I get a lot of headaches, so I try not to take painkillers for other things too) but I might give them a try if the pain gets any worse.

At the moment, it's not too bad - more like a niggle or a 'pulling' feeling. I went for a walk today and it didn't hurt then. It's coming and going. I think its either muscular or wind-related, but I'm also starting to worry about a possible 'grumbling appendix'!

I have my doctor's appointment on Monday morning though, so I figure if I can just make it through the weekend intact I'll be okay!
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