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Old 02-06-11, 11:01
laineystod1 laineystod1 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
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Can trapped wind give you back pain?

As the title says, just wondering if trapped wind can cause back pain? Right in the middle of my back at the top I had a really bad pain, then had a panic attack, burped a few times and it seems to be settling! im 30 weeks pregnant, do you think its just trapped wind? everywhere i look only mentions chest abdo pain with wind and now im scared that im going to have a heart attack :( :(
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Old 02-06-11, 11:36
PanchoGoz's Avatar
PanchoGoz PanchoGoz is offline
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Re: Can trapped wind give you back pain?

Yeah I get a pain in my back sometimes when my stomacn is upset. It's not a heart attack x

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Old 02-06-11, 11:58
blueangel's Avatar
blueangel blueangel is offline
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Re: Can trapped wind give you back pain?

Yes, I can also get pains in my back with wind - and also, if you're 30 weeks pregnant there is a medium-sized baby in there which is probably booting your stomach around, which won't help at all!
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Old 06-06-11, 22:20
sophiethestar's Avatar
sophiethestar sophiethestar is offline
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Re: Can trapped wind give you back pain?

Definitely. I used to get chest and back pain all the time and I thought I was dying, but then realised it was just wind.
Don't worry. x
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Old 30-12-11, 22:55
pluggy pluggy is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
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Re: Can trapped wind give you back pain?

im here because ive got back and chest pains,also a bad posture,when i get these pains,like no other pains i may add,(dull ache) it feels like someone has punched me in the back,my mother say's its wind and to drink a glass of warm water,this usually does the trick,ive had this severel times in the past few years,and every time panic thinking its a heart attack,but its not.this forum has already made me feel better

hat off to you guys
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