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Old 23-04-06, 16:06
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Implanon- anxiety link?

I have been thinking a lot recently about the link between different types of hormonal contraception and anxiety.

I am pretty certain I remember reading somewhere that the Pill and other forms of contraception with progestogen as the active "ingredient". I cannot find anything that specifically relates to this online- and have obviously [8)] lost the original "fact sheet" that I was given when I had the implanon implant inserted two years.

Just wondering really if anyone else had had any experiences where the have felt that the hormonal types of contraception have affected their anxiety or depression in anyway. I know I have been unwell with depression and anxiety for considerably longer than the time for which I have had the implant, but before that I was on the Pill for medical reasons (for about 3 years), and I was just thinking that maybe this could be linked to one or both of my main problems, especially as I still get PMT symptoms when I was told I shouldn't, and both the anxiety and depression are heightened at this time.

Was just wondering if anyone else had any experience here or any thoughts?



"I just wanna live my life sedated, cos I love driving myself away"
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Old 23-04-06, 18:44
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I think you may be right....I'm sure one of the family planning staff told me there could be a link between hormonal contraception and anxiety/depression.....at the time I think she was discussing the depot injection.

Cant give you the back up info though....sorry.

Coni X
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Old 25-04-06, 19:37
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I found an online copy of the leaflet- including instructions on insertion and removal- which isn't nice as I am probably having it out tomorrow. Not sure how long afterwards these problems can occur- or if they can be enhanced through the implanon if they were already in existence- but depression and anxiety are there in black and white as "common" and "uncommon"...

Just in case anyone else wanted a look:


"I just wanna live my life sedated, cos I love driving myself away"
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Old 04-01-11, 22:44
donnaxx donnaxx is offline
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Re: Implanon- anxiety link?

i am getting mine removed on friday..never been so emotional in my life as i have been since getting implanon..either crying or freaking out on everyone close to me!
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Old 24-02-11, 12:59
blondie2809 blondie2809 is offline
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Re: Implanon- anxiety link?


I had the Nexplanon implant put in about a month ago. Its the new upgrade from Implanon. I spent all of last year getting therapy for my panic attacks and anxiety and finally felt like i'd sorted it out. But ever since i've had this implant in, i can already feel my tingling arms and legs coming back and claustrophic feelings on tubes/trains.

Im not sure whether to give it a go and wait a few months, or get out whilst i can.

I've also put on about 6lbs!

Blondie xx
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Old 23-07-12, 23:45
Jessika Jessika is offline
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Smile Re: Implanon- anxiety link?

Oh my goodness! Im so glad to see your comment, I also had the implant in and im having panic attacks! I cant even get on a bus without freaking out :( Im hoping its just the implant thats causing this so that I can get this out and hopfully be back to my old self! Have you had yours out and if so has the anxiety gone?
Im having mine out in two days thank goodness! Iv been having trouble with going to college and what not because of the anxiety attacks, il be so happy once they have gone, iv seen alot of posts online about the anxiety girls get from this implant (only just realised the implant could be causing the attacks) also went to see the doctors and they gave me anti-depressants which have been alright but really I dont fancy taking them everyday when they hardly really help.

Thanks for sharing! Glad that im not the only one!
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Old 27-07-12, 00:22
meowmeow meowmeow is offline
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Re: Implanon- anxiety link?

I've not any experience with implanon, but in November 2011 I had a shot of Depo Provera which is progestogen-only, and that's when all my anxiety and mood swings came flooding back. I haven't had another since, but the shot hasn't left my system entirely yet as my cycle hasn't returned to normal and obviously I'm still suffering with the anxiety and mood swings.

Would be interesting to know if having the implant removed will change this for you girls! x
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Old 03-08-12, 08:11
Tilly Flop Tilly Flop is offline
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Re: Implanon- anxiety link?

I had Implanon for a few years and I definitely think my anxiety improved somewhat when I had it remover last year. It's not gone completely and I still get bouts of health anxiety but not as much or as bad as before.
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Old 13-08-12, 17:35
athena_115 athena_115 is offline
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Re: Implanon- anxiety link?

Hello, I know I'm a bit late replying to this thread but I definitely think Implanon triggered my serious problems with anxiety! I was on it for 18 months and I think during that time I became progressively more anxious and depressed but the change was gradual so didn't notice at first. I'd never suffered badly with panic attacks but they came to dominate my life, and I was quite agoraphobic. It took me way too long to ask to have it out; since I've done so (2 months ago), the panic attacks are much reduced so I definitely think it has improved the situation. Unfortunately after one really good month I'm struggling again at the moment with the anxiety and depression - I think my body hasn't adjusted properly yet, but I'm trying to stay positive that it will eventually sort itself out!

Does anyone else have any updates on whether it helped having the implant out? Would love to hear them if so
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Old 20-09-12, 02:30
Aust-mum Aust-mum is offline
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Re: Implanon- anxiety link?

I had the implanon in for only 3months. Never in my life have I suffered from either depression or anxiety. But from the day I had the implanon inserted they both started. After only 2 weeks my panic attack was so severe I left my half full trolley in the grocery store & walked out. I went to the Drs & had the implanon removed last week. I was told by my dr it will take at least a fortnight for my body to settle back down & so far it hasn't changed. I still suffer from anxiety & panic attacks in shops. My maternity leave finishes soon & I will be going back to work but I can barely leave the house, how am I suppose to deal with the stress of work?! Just hoping it hasn't caused long term side effects with my mental health.
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