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Old 02-05-06, 12:24
jamie1 jamie1 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
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heart twinges

More and more recently I've started getting what I can only describe as 'twinges' in my heart area... I guess they're not painful as such but it feels sharp... sorry I can't describe it. When I first started having panic attacks a few weeks back I had an ECG and was told my heart was fine but I still think I have something wrong with my heart and can't explain these twinges. It actually woke me up the other morning... This is my main worry at the moment. I haven't had a full blown panic attack in ages now but I'm constantly on edge and often get sharp headaches in my temple. Is this just part of anxiety?
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Old 02-05-06, 22:23
jodie jodie is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
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hi jamie

i am not sure if this is the same thing i get what my doc calls eptopic heart beats they feel like a flutter in my chest or a thud i am very scared of them they are my main worry to but i have been told so much they are normal and dont hurt you if it is these that you get lots of people get them and there are lots of posts on them .
i have had them for six years started by anxiety lots of it
im sure you will be fine they are just not nice .

jodie xx
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Old 02-05-06, 22:41
marie ross marie ross is offline
Intermediate Member
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Hi Jamie, I would'nt worry about these 'twinges' i get them nearly daily, especially at night because i've been so anxious and panicky all day. I have also been sent for an ECG and that was normal, but i was still worrying that i was having a heart attack or that my heart would just stop beating!!! Now after having these twinges for so long and i'm still on this planet alive and well i've just accepted that its nothing to worry about (although you can't help it!!!) I'm sure its just anxiety and if your ECG was fine i would'nt worry about it (easier said than done!!!) You'll be fine. Take care
Marie XX
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Old 02-05-06, 23:38
Sophieunderscore Sophieunderscore is offline
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I think I understand what you mean!I've been getting twinges in my chest and they got so bad i had to go to the doctor about them.

The doctor said that it was probobly something called tietze's syndrome. This is a NON DANGEROUS syndrome which is basically caused by inflamation and spasms in the muscles in your ribs. The pains can also radiate to your arm and can be so severe you can confuse it with a heart attack!

I thought I was the only person who got these kind of pains, but its VERY common and guess what... brought on by stress! x
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Old 03-05-06, 20:36
jackie jackie is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
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sounds like things we all get that are hard to explain, and very frighening. ive ahd chest pains for over four years and every time it gets bad i sooo freak out. its hard to accept but ive been told it is anxiety related

try to be reassured although i know how hard this is

take care

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Old 03-05-06, 23:52
april tones april tones is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Hi i have had this too! like a muscle twitch, suppose heart is muscle
I have thought its wind,anxiety and my fibro, it isnt nice tho xx

fibrochat) http://apriltones.proboards54.com
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Old 04-05-06, 19:37
Two heads Two heads is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
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Posts: 542
I can relate to what sophie was saying.I have been getting what i can only describe as a stinging twinge by my heart ,and cardio saids its probarly adrenaline causeing it.I dont no weather to believe that!But i have had very bad ribs for over a year now and have complained many a time.And pain goes threw my write arm.
Your ECG was fine hun so please dont worry yourself.And ive been told just last week that anixety does cause headaches.xxxxx
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Old 08-05-06, 15:44
dorabella dorabella is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
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There is a nerve that runs parallel with the oesophagus and passes close by the main cardiac muscles (sorry I can't rememebr the exact name and location of this nerve). If it sparks - usually when you're wound up and agitated, it can imitate heart pain and discomfort.

I think a lot of anxious people experience this chest pain and mistake it for something more ghastly. Can anyone enlighten on thyis subject.

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Old 16-05-11, 18:17
Kep Kep is offline
Join Date: May 2011
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Re: heart twinges

i am new to this board and came across it while searching for some answers / reasons why i keep getting pain in the left side of my chest - about 2" down from my collar bone. Its not a constant pain, comes on i would say every 10 mins or so - so upp to now i have simply put it down to muscle strain.

However today i have also experienced a similar recurring pain just under my left shoulder blade and the top area of my left arm - about where you would have a flu injection.

I am on blood pressure tablets which is being monitored, acid reflux also monitored and i am feeling a little under pressure but nothing major.

I think maybe its similar to most peoples pain and is it really just stress or panic attacks?

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Old 12-06-11, 21:21
Robbo2112 Robbo2112 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Wink Re: heart twinges

I have been getting these for the last month, prior to this I have always has palpitations, I was thinking this was a step up and started to worry. However it is probably nothing serious as when I run I don't get out of breath. I also do Yoga to help relax and want to develop the breathing strategies. Read Thich Nhat Hahn as the Buddhist monk has some good breathing strategies to help allieviate stress and panic. Hope this helps.
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heart, twinges

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