Traffic Control Time High Scores
Description: This is a traffic control game where you control the flow of traffic by starting and stopping the traffic in a lane by clicking a clock which shows the requested time. There are four sets of clocks; each is connected to a traffic light signal. If you tap a clock showing the asked time, it will make its signal green and rest all will signals will be red. Try to solve as many questions as you can, while avoiding the traffic congestion. If you tap the wrong clock, you will lose some score points and also lose one out of 5 lives. Game will be tougher gradually as you progress the levels. Try this to see how many points you can get in this?
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achieved in the game Traffic Control Time the best score
Highscore: 130,800
# Username Score Comment Time time played
1 JulieJay92 130,800 06-12-21 9:56 26:22
2 Carnation 98,300 04-05-21 22:18 25:43
3 mandie 95,600 had to stop got bored! 03-02-21 0:09 20:09
4 MyNameIsTerry 60,600 03-05-21 9:52 20:57
5 nomorepanic 55,300 02-13-21 18:40 29:59

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