Traffic Car Racing High Scores
Description: Traffic Car Racing is a fun driving game in which you must race your sports car through oncoming traffic and try to survive without crashing for as long as possible. Choose from 7 different sports cars before you start racing - there are some awesome convertibles and some mean looking super cars too so pick a car you really like the look of. Once you have chosen a car you must start driving! Use the left and right arrow keys to control the movement of your vehicle and avoid the road traffic. Be sure to collect the gold coins too as you progress to boost your score. If you crash into any traffic you have to restart from the beginning! You can also collect a red bubble power up that protects you from damage for a small amount of time. This game can also be played on your smartphone using touch controls!
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Highscore: 1,020
# Username Score Comment Time time played
1 Carnation 1,020 02-21-24 23:12 00:34
2 JulieJay92 859 02-17-24 11:30 00:36

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