Fastening Challenge High Scores
Description: Fastening Challenge is an interesting unique game. In this game you need to fasten 2 useridentical items. These items would be found inside 2 lanes of the items; first moving from left and second right and right to left. As soon as you find 2 useridentical items of these lanes are facing each other, you need to tap the screen on that location. If you fasten wrong items, you will lose a life. In each level you need to fasten some number of items. You have 5 lives and limited time to complete a level. If you save the lives and/or times, you will get bonus points.
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achieved in the game Fastening Challenge the best score
Highscore: 78,780
# Username Score Comment Time time played
1 JulieJay92 78,780 05-22-21 14:17 06:16
2 Carnation 78,150 05-21-21 23:54 49:29
3 MyNameIsTerry 60,850 Bondage! 04-15-21 6:33 19:03
4 mandie 23,070 03-05-21 22:05 12:36
5 nomorepanic 10,410 02-14-21 14:28 02:26

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