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  1. does anyone else feel this way?
  2. More on Dating and Social Phobia
  3. Anyone With Social Anxiety From Gloucestershire?
  4. First date nerves
  5. Start back at work today after a weeks holiday cant cope!!
  6. Start back at work today after a weeks holiday cant cope!!
  7. rgus ine is new to me anxiety when people visit
  8. social anxiety and sunglasses
  9. Dont been likes watched at work anyone got any advice? Thank you.
  10. Social Anxiety getting in the way of....
  11. Confused
  12. Good day :)
  13. What is it with me???
  14. Categories of social anxiety
  15. catching a bus to somewhere when you don't know the area
  16. Starting Citalopram, and already in a social drinking conundrum.. help!
  17. Looking for a job
  18. noticed some deep thoughts ive noticed i fear most
  19. Social Anxiety Video Diary.
  20. People staring
  21. Putting on a brave face.
  22. Maybe Our Culture is partially to blame?
  23. Family is coming in 2 weeks
  24. Relationships with social anxiety
  25. Had a mixed bag of a kind of day. hmm.
  26. Nowhere else to turn
  27. Freaking out about being in London on own
  28. Do you ever feel like you're faking?
  29. Safe???
  30. Should be on Hen Night.....
  31. did i do the right thing
  32. Think my social anxiety started today...
  33. Chatroom and Social Skills-Still Not Working
  34. courage
  35. going out
  36. Stupid phones.
  37. Looking for female friends with SA in Essex area!
  38. Social Anxiety and The Hospitality Industry
  39. really down :(
  40. Black Sheep
  41. family BBQ
  42. School Run - HELP
  43. Exactly what happens when you get SA??? Who has it ''really'' bad?
  44. feel as thou i will never be "normal"
  45. trying to do the right thing
  46. sa or ha or both
  47. Wedding
  48. I get the feeling people just dont like me...
  49. Starting a new job!
  50. Can't seem to get on with people
  51. most amazing technique for confidence with people
  52. need help
  53. Twitches make me anxious
  54. Forced to SOLO SING!
  55. occupational therapists
  56. cant do it
  57. Need some advice !!
  58. Agoraphobia...
  59. Being taken advantage of!
  60. What is your worst fear in "Social" situations?
  61. Social anxiety sufferer
  62. Anticipation fear
  63. Does anyone else do this?
  64. Is it just me with a split personality.....
  65. Why Am I Like This When People Are Mad/Upset?
  66. Do you ever feel like you don't fit in?
  67. The dreaded xmas party
  68. I feel as if I have a ' I Am Weird' sign hovering over me!
  69. wishing your death?
  70. hi is anyone else from middlesbrough or thereabouts and has social anxiety
  71. progress
  72. Advice needed
  73. Advice Please!
  74. Having to look for a new job/unemployment...
  75. Help with carrying on a conversation
  76. A Question For People Like Me
  77. frustrated
  78. Feel i've made an idiot of myself!
  79. Shakey hands
  80. social anxiety and dealing with boyfriends family dinner
  81. The chatroom
  82. how do you answer when asked "ever thought of moving away/wanting things from life"
  83. positive affirmations/exposure what more can i do
  84. what do you do about lunch at your work place
  85. Absolutely dreading the xmas work do
  86. social anxiety.
  87. what will you be doing new years eve?
  88. Blah
  89. Time For Change?
  90. My anxiety is getting in my way of school.
  91. Feel like an outcast
  92. 2011,improving confidence!
  93. Christmas and weddings...
  94. 25 years of SAD and counting
  95. Students and SA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. How to turn down a family New Years Eve?
  97. it can get very isolating having social anxiety
  98. Books on social anxiety and dating/relationships
  99. Going to the hairdressers
  100. Scared to go home?
  101. Social Anxiety and Social Phobia?
  102. Cover make-up has helped my blushing
  103. Will my gp refer me for CBT?
  104. do you feel.......
  105. good days/bad days cycle
  106. told you are too quiet
  107. Think everyone thinks I'm weird :(
  108. Week off work at Christmas
  109. Increased social worries/paranoia with stressful events
  110. Shy in front of son's girlfriend
  111. Shyness: What age are you?
  112. Too anxious to tell people how you really feel
  113. fear of being driven to eventual suicide ?
  114. Perceptions
  115. Wedding
  116. Concert in a few months, ah!
  117. Have you ever felt like shouting at everyone to just leave you alone for 10 minutes!!
  118. I feel like I can't go out
  119. I wonder................
  120. Unable to rationally convince myself that '' it's all in my head ''
  121. Social anxiety after remembering?
  122. feeling really stressed
  123. Crying.
  124. Small Talk (shudders)
  125. How to forget negative blames from the other people?
  126. How do I meet people, specifically women, when my SA and other issues are so bad?
  127. Shall I go?
  128. depression cured but sa remains on medication so felt like giving up
  129. help
  130. Peoples actions creating negative atmosphere
  131. i've been feeling worse than usual?
  132. Meeting up with a friend off the internet.
  133. Feeling so low
  134. New- Anxiety help
  135. Can't even talk on the telephone
  136. Blushing
  137. People who don't understand
  138. Relationship Problems
  139. Social anxiety
  140. How to feel more trust/belief in people?
  141. how did you overcome (or are keeping on top of) social anxiety
  142. Anyone not worked for years due to severe sa?
  143. Citalopram - stopped working??
  144. Talking in a tutorial.
  145. Programme about Social anxiety/ panic attacks
  146. confused
  147. hi , citalopram
  148. Anxiety in my house....
  149. going out today..to socialise!
  150. Do you replay event over and over?
  151. Medications for Social Anxiety??
  152. Trouble connecting with others and lonliness
  153. good day...ish
  154. Medication the right way?
  155. A little tale on social anxiety, if anyone's interested
  156. Tips on Initiating Conversations
  157. nervous carrying/holding drinks
  158. Not made for relationships?
  159. Weekend Anxieties
  160. Get out my headspace
  161. Home alone - anyone else like this?
  162. Shyness can look like arrogance/vanity?
  163. My Aunt passed away today
  164. Feeling hopeless
  165. Cant cope with social anxiety much longer its with me every day
  166. The dreaded introductions
  167. Had to go on sick today, feeling really down ay help would be great!
  168. Letting my kids down.
  169. Im lonely, depressed and want to quit Uni
  170. exhausted
  171. Dont know where to turn need help.
  172. Awesome, thats all i need.
  173. Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety...
  174. Trouble concentrating at work
  175. Love and Social Anxiety
  176. Really worried about going back to work tommorow! :-(
  177. cipralex
  178. please read, im going out my mind and feel i might have to leave my job!
  179. Voluntary Work!!!!
  180. idk
  181. going out with friends...support needed!
  182. Relationship break down caused by my anxiety???
  183. obessed with smell i'm not alone am i?
  184. mouthtwitch when talking to people
  185. Hi im new here.
  186. Help with eating anxiety?
  187. Worrying about the Balloon Debate.
  188. phobia of youths
  189. alternative medication
  190. What Can Happen
  191. Social phobia and trust issues with people!
  192. Diagnosed myself with Social Anxiety Disorder
  193. I'm destroying my relationship!
  194. Social anxiety & IBS taken over everyday life
  195. Social anxiety stops me asking women out
  196. had enough.
  197. Avoidant personality disorder, anyone?
  198. arrgghhh - presentation
  199. Low self-esteem and confusions about sexuality..
  200. Fear of blushing/showing anxiety when talking in meetings
  201. Loneliness
  202. Eeep dance class! :-)
  203. Going back to work
  204. Feelings of anger because of loneliness
  205. Friends wedding tomorrow...
  206. thinking about quitting my job
  207. Need some advice please :)
  208. Motivation and help needed please.
  209. when you think you know someone but you don't
  210. embarrassed :-(
  211. So tired of anxiety over men
  212. How to tell family and friends you have anxiety?
  213. I am a useless failure.
  214. Don't know what to do
  215. detached from reality?
  216. Alcohol and prozac
  217. paroxetine wearing off? what will i be like?
  218. A little advice?
  219. **My Panic Attack / Agoraphobia Diary**
  220. Talking on the phone.
  221. 2 people in the past week have commented on my blushing
  222. Conversations
  223. so i think i have social anxiety
  224. I think I'm Agoraphobic!
  225. Enough is enough
  226. only 20yrs old, but i dont feel it!
  227. scared to leave, is it all in my head?
  228. Herbal remedies to reduce shaking?
  229. Petrified
  230. Body Image Anxiety
  231. Hard times
  232. The year from hell
  233. Talking to women
  234. cannot tallk face to face
  235. Haircuts!
  236. Our Wedding - panic is way too high
  237. I go red all the time
  238. Hurtful Comments
  239. Is this a ridiculous idea?
  240. Anti-Socialism
  241. Can't talk on the phone? anyone?
  242. Off to hospital tomorrow
  243. Neighbor Anxiety with dogs
  244. South Yorkshire Social anxiety help support group
  245. Should I Stay or Should I Go
  246. Im new and believe i have SAD
  247. Paranoia anyone?
  248. Fed up
  249. panick attack made me not drive again after 25 years
  250. A little help with understanding and encouragement?