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  1. Job Loss
  2. I think it's SAD
  3. Gin and Tonic....
  4. What is shyness?
  5. could barely concentrate
  6. Stupid!
  7. A really bad day
  8. Hi All!!!
  9. Does anyone suffer with Aspergers?
  10. Anyone else anxious about going back to school/uni?
  11. has anyone been bullied/effected their confidence
  12. drinky drink!
  13. What is wrong with people?
  14. Dont know whats real or not anymore
  15. Things I have learned about mean people.
  16. What was I thinking?
  17. A Problem with my Friends
  18. New Chapter?
  19. This is what started my panic attacks
  20. Eating in Public
  21. Smiling at me or laughing at me
  22. Would you say I have a social anxiety?
  23. need advice please!!
  24. Interview
  25. Have I got social anxiety?
  26. Its time I tried breaking free from my cage
  27. How do you reply when someone says you're quiet?
  28. free therapy audio tracks.
  29. Voluntary Work
  30. i dunno what to do whats wrong with me?!!
  31. Mega freak out
  32. Dismissed from job after only 2 weeks
  33. help i hate christmas coming
  34. Going on a Date!
  35. Does anyone have a dystonic tremor?
  36. i dont like crowds
  37. stopped work for years
  38. How can i help my friend?
  39. My biggest trigger is necessary in life. Is there anything I can do?
  40. Convinced that looking so young is causing alot of my problems ..
  41. Working with SA
  42. Think social anxiety is my biggest problem now (long sorry!)
  43. Always convinced my partner hates me
  44. Is this just me or is it a social anxiety thing
  45. Everyone thinks I'm weird
  46. In a bad panic
  47. No friends
  48. Parkison type symptoms
  49. well im back again.
  50. leave me alone!
  51. Struggling. questions on Cbt..
  52. games are working wonders
  53. anixety attack in public places
  54. am i the only one?
  55. A new anxiety for me- crippling me!
  56. Any Extroverts here?
  57. Genral anxiety symptoms only
  58. Cancelling plans
  59. Ive "Lost me"! :(
  60. Should i take Diazepam??????Help!!
  61. What does Diazepan feel like???
  62. Continuing with CBT
  63. social anxiety
  64. Social skills evening class/course?
  65. Starting a new job away from home?
  66. Im very confused.
  67. Apparently I have social anxiety?
  68. Going out to the place where I had my panic attack
  69. people talking about me?
  70. A Sincere 'Thank You' From The Heart
  71. Extreme Lack of Confidence
  72. Cold Turkey: Almost went back on them!
  73. Any advice to stop panic attacks????!!!
  74. Feel like I'm in the social abyss
  75. Anyone read Saturday's Daily Mail?
  76. Finally out of house
  77. Panic about needing to get to a bathroom
  78. help/advice needed
  79. Social Anxiety ?
  80. People in my house
  81. Performance anxiety
  82. Trying...to make friends...at uni?
  83. Fear of rejection
  84. any suggestions????
  85. Paranoid about boyfriend and his exes
  86. What's so funny about me?
  87. meeting people with same problems
  88. books on SA free to anyone who wants em
  89. Feeling lonely even though I'm doing things
  90. anxiety / depression
  91. Agoraphobia or just lazIness?
  92. Falling apart... Is this "Social Anxiety"? / "Performance Anxiety"?
  93. Dilemma-Office Forgot My Birthday
  94. Anxious about meeting up with friends
  95. Preparing For Visitors
  96. Very Low Magnesium?
  97. A Little Shy Or A Little Crazy?
  98. Dreading tonight
  99. Anxiety getting worse
  100. BDD
  101. Just been prescribed Zoloft, tell me about it
  102. About me
  103. Very difficult conversation - any advice?
  104. Further Anxiety Over Visit
  105. Social meet derby, getting to know you
  106. Too Much Alone Time
  107. job hunt and interview anxiety
  108. Anyone else get this
  109. Strangers are better than possible new friends?
  110. Can anyone help me?
  111. Boyfriend issues probably due to anxiety
  112. question for people who take/know about propranolol
  113. Dreaded Training Day
  114. Survey - how do you cope when . . .?
  115. Assertiveness (lack of)
  116. eye contact
  117. Chewing Gum ..
  118. Tips for being nervous on work interviews?
  119. Feeling that no-one likes me so what's the point?
  120. Coming off Sertraline after 3 weeks ..
  121. after dark!
  122. Help in Surrey
  123. Nervous in large crowds
  124. I might have to get a job (omg nightmare)
  125. One step forward two steps back -*Feeling down in the dumps - want to vent ...
  126. Help
  127. I think i may have social anxiety..
  128. Has any became self consious
  129. New member
  130. help im in a bar
  131. No friends...
  132. George W Bush Moments
  133. Sick at thought of returning to work
  134. Eating behind closed doors- is that You?
  135. hi am new here
  136. Help interview tomorrow advice
  137. anyone in here
  138. How we get rid of anxiety ?
  139. Keeping Busy
  140. Hello :)
  141. i get pains in the back of my head
  142. Feeling 'cut off' from other people
  143. Not looking forward to it
  144. Terrified - Don't fit in with husband's family
  145. scared to go to party tonight but have too
  146. any one get told they are too quite or very quite
  147. Need some help.
  148. Going back into the stress (new job)
  149. Getting really anxious about going to London
  150. Anyone feel like this when going out?
  151. I can't carry a conversation
  152. Think I've annoyed my friend !!
  153. glad to be home
  154. I'm going on a date tonight
  155. Weekly Status Reports
  156. Surviving placement
  157. OK... I'm Biting the Bullet...
  158. Too scared to get a job
  159. Oh God
  160. Starting a course and im scared.
  161. Lip trembling
  162. worried i have made my 3 year old un-social
  163. need to help my son
  164. Self medicating.
  165. Today was a good day
  166. Socially anxious about my appearance.
  167. Back to work :-(
  168. Starting again
  169. dread fetching my kids from school
  170. Meds and Drink
  171. Home Alone?
  172. Can't believe how much I did yesterday !
  173. no friends
  174. Social Anxiety mainly due to IBS?
  175. Being sad as others are happy
  176. Thoughts on social fear...
  177. Help Very Very Complex Family Situation
  178. Agoraphobia Help.
  179. Terrible trip to supermarket has knocked my confidence in going out with my husband
  180. my anxiety is bad i dont need this
  181. Efficacy of CBT for SA
  182. Going cinema tomorrow
  183. New job panic
  184. No confidence around women
  185. my friend's friends: put me down
  186. Ive just sobbed to my CBT Lady
  187. Anyone else a bit weird too ?
  188. Does ur SP effect work?
  189. I'm extremely lonely V_V
  190. Really annoyed with myself 😪
  191. Scared of phoning people
  192. Feelin down & want to cry
  193. Fear of meetings - would meds help?
  194. Excessive Blushing / Blushing In Meetings
  195. New tabs for my agraphobia
  196. Job interview advice please
  197. Boyfriend with SA
  198. i dont know if i can cope
  199. Stupid SA :(
  200. controled by control freak help
  201. 'Therapist' blamed anxiety on my culture
  202. All alone
  203. Intensive CBT therapy ?
  204. Giving a presentation at school,college, work
  205. I just new it
  206. lunchtime club
  207. is this SA?
  208. Going out tonight-panicing
  209. swallowing problem when eating and drinking in front of others
  210. I want to date but panic and dread at the thought
  211. New job - worried about talking
  212. Driving anxiety
  213. I've just realized I have no friends :(
  214. Social anxiety documentary on Youtube
  215. What do I do? Advice needed please!
  216. I never want to go out anymore!
  217. really really scared
  218. Is this Social Anxiety? Please advise.
  219. Running out of excuses not to go out!
  220. Panic because of work environment. Please Help!!
  221. feels like i.m losing myself
  222. How do you break the cycle?!
  223. Dating Game!
  224. Stopped taking citalopram
  225. Im soo awkward..
  226. Anyone else embarrased about anxiety episodes?
  227. OMG I did it !!
  228. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
  229. Angry At Myself For Failing At Cinema.
  230. "You just need to go there and speak to someone . . . "
  231. Feeling So Ashamed. I Let Myself And My Partner Down.
  232. I climbed my Everest today.... Asda!
  233. Anyone get flustered whilst in the supermarket?!
  234. massive dilemma - really need advice
  235. Nervous and feeling down
  236. When to tell? Advice needed
  237. another yay today :)
  238. Tackling social anxiety
  239. How do you deal with Social Anxiety? Where to start?
  240. New to Social Anxiety Dr Suggested CBT and Amitriptyline.
  241. Issues with apperance and going out
  242. Don't Panic
  243. new to this
  244. I think everyone hates me
  245. Therapist says i have agrophobia and panic disorder
  246. Laptop Repair and Paranoia
  247. Leicestershire Group
  248. How to meet 20 important strangers.. ?
  249. Need some advice...
  250. Going out soon - worried my anxiety will play up