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  1. Hi New here 😊
  2. I have an interview! Help!
  3. No jobs,skills,social skills
  4. how do i stop going red???
  5. Friend's constant messaging making me anxious
  6. Very low self-esteem at the moment
  7. I hate people
  8. Yoga
  9. Familar feeling is here...guidance please guys
  10. how can i build up my confidence?
  11. Low self esteem
  12. How long can I hang on?
  13. Don't feel good enough for a relationship...
  14. Alcohol anxiety
  15. Still thinking of a girl I messed up a chance with 7 months :(
  16. Best way to act toward someone with anxiety
  17. Anxiety linked to Autism
  18. Social Survival Mammoth...
  19. Embarrassed myself in fromt of doctor :(
  20. Unable to live away while at university because of mental health?
  21. Does anyone else create huge mind dramas?
  22. Who else here would say they have AvPD?
  23. I'm such a wreck
  24. Dealing with unintentionally aggressive colleague - advice please
  25. why won't the world let me be happy
  26. Lonely introvert
  27. Old friend awkwardness
  28. awkwardness when animated shows are on TV
  29. Anxiety hangover panic
  30. Have to meet a stranger today!!!!
  31. Just got a bar job........need advice.
  32. Homesickness :(
  33. Being ignored...
  34. What do people talk about?
  35. Getting motivated to go to the shops
  36. Sweating a lot when meeting new people
  37. Does anyone else here blush?
  38. Away for the weekend?
  39. Agaggagsdfhdhtra
  40. Im so over feeling this way!
  41. Fluoxetine Prozac after 40 days
  42. Mini presentation....:(
  43. =( :mad:
  44. Slow learner due to anxiety?
  45. I'm an unnatural human being
  46. Being afraid to enter class when you're late
  47. Diazepam or Lorazepam for my wedding?
  48. How can I help her?
  49. Treading on egg shells
  50. suicide & TV/computer addiction
  51. What on earth is wrong with me
  52. cure for flushing??
  53. How to get out of this spiral of lies? Am I a compulsive liar?
  54. Feel nervous walking into a bar, waiting at bar and when about to leave bar
  55. Hard isn't it when you feel different ._.
  56. Workshop fears
  57. Scary teacher
  58. Complex social behaviour
  59. Apologising
  60. hello
  61. Where did they all go?
  62. Actual relationship problem - Don't know how to behave
  63. Am I being emotionally abused?
  64. Overflow from a wedding
  65. My story
  66. Anyone else only have friends online?
  67. My situation
  68. FIVE-hour training session coming up soon...
  69. Relationship anxiety
  70. Other people's opinions holding me back from what I want to do
  71. Anxiety in the workplace
  72. What caused your social anxiety?
  73. Going Out/Drinking Alcohol
  74. has my health anxiety become social anxiety?
  75. Can't stand the school run.
  76. Is this social anxiety? Please help
  77. Forum Bullying
  78. Really Not Happy
  79. relationship issues
  80. Feeling completely unlovable?
  81. Autism
  82. Can't forget about a girl i barely got to know 1 year and 2 months later :(
  83. I'm embarassed that I'm doing a Masters Degree in CBT and I still have SA
  84. Schizoid Personality Disorder or Avoidant attachment style. Anyone else out there???
  85. Insecure? Social anxiety?
  86. Wasting my life
  87. Can't stick to anything.. Am I really just lazy?
  88. I'm going to meet my boyfriend's friends for the first time. I just want to run away
  89. How much does anxiety control your life?
  90. Alcohol/social anxiety
  91. Desperate for friends, afraid to have them
  92. Going out
  93. Loneliness that never ends
  94. Marriage/wedding anxiety
  95. Fat and socially anxious
  96. Blushing is controlling my life!
  97. Alcohol anxiety
  98. Social anxiety ruining my days off
  99. Scared of saying "NO"
  100. Been told I need to plan an event
  101. I seriously am a loser
  102. is there any medication out there for soical anciety
  103. Traveling solo with social anxiety
  104. Social anxiety and a lads night out
  105. Alcohol anxiety
  106. Job interview
  107. Studying abroad... So scared
  108. Blushing sometimes
  109. Effexor-venlafaxine- really works?
  110. Work Related anxiety & advice
  111. Social anxiety
  112. I'm so tired of feeling different to everyone :(
  113. Insecurity and confusion
  114. Developing feelings for an online friend?
  115. Terrified of new people, change and separation.
  116. Sertaline 100mg - No Symptoms !?
  117. On edge and I'm scared of being myself
  118. Really anxious whenever I am interested in someone.
  119. Desperately need a job but can't socialise with people
  120. Feeing the Fear in abundance
  121. 2 Months on Venlafaxine!!??
  122. Voice related social anxiety
  123. Anybody else so self conscious in Summer?
  124. The dreaded in-laws!!
  125. Feel other people are thinking negatively about me.
  126. Fear of friends drifting apart?
  127. New in this forum looking for some support
  128. A book extract - chapter on shame and self-worth
  129. Afraid of being an annoyance
  130. Disappointed with venlafaxine xr !!!
  131. Alcohol anxiety
  132. Is this social anxiety??
  133. disagreement with a friend - very big trigger
  134. Relationship causing more anxiety - boyfriend blames himself
  135. Anxiety caused by work colleagues
  136. Almost 2 years since I was last here.......
  137. People scare me
  138. Effexor an enormous eye bags i hate it!!
  139. scared of life
  140. Terrible Separation Anxiety
  141. 3 Months on venlafaxine xr & quetiapine xr for anxiey and depression
  142. Lack of energy and motivation seroquel and effexor
  143. 2 Working Tips To Overcome Social Phobia
  144. why my anxiety and motivation won't improve?
  145. Empathy issues
  146. Emotionally Confused, Anxiety or Depression
  147. work - anxiety - quit?
  148. Introducing myself to you all
  149. Can anxiety change/evolve if untreated?
  150. 3 weeks on Quetiapine rx &Venlafaxine xr and my anxiety finally decreased
  151. Does my Sister have social anxiety?
  152. Anxiety over new job
  153. stopping Venlafaxine and keeping seroquel rx anxiety
  154. Residential Work Conference Approaching
  155. Shallow but think my social anxiety is due to feeling ugly
  156. Going Cold turkey from Venlafaxine day 6 !!
  157. Alcohol anxiety
  158. Jealousy
  159. Depression, Anxiety, Social phobia sufferer. NEWBE
  160. Back on venlafaxine!! and seoquel anxiety depression!
  161. Im moving away.
  162. Unprecedented autonomous vehicle
  163. Which medication would you recommend for social anxiety ?
  164. Rubber band trick
  165. Going on a 'date'
  166. Confidence in a bottle
  167. I am still having fear after almost 5 months of medication why?
  168. Overcoming Social Anxiety
  169. What is Social Anxiety
  170. Help For Social Anxiety And Phobia
  171. Anxiety from Nursing School
  172. Nervous head body shakes and jerks
  173. social anxiety or paranoia?
  174. i know its bad
  175. Fear of love and loss with dating :(
  176. my anxiety
  177. How can I start addressing my phobia of eating in restaurants?
  178. What do you do against date anxiety?
  179. Can't make close friends
  180. So-called relatives
  181. Sudden, intense fear watching arguments/ debates
  182. Horrible Anxiety and Panic Attack on Train
  183. Feeling anxious and confused in a relationship
  184. Have I alienated my two best friends??
  185. Is this social anxiety?
  186. Social anxiety perhaps.
  187. Alcohol anxiety
  188. Alcohol anxiety
  189. Do I have social anxiety when it comes to relationships?
  190. I feel so alone
  191. Please can someone give advice on my current situation?
  192. Alcohol anxiety
  193. Who else gets really bad anxiety while shopping?
  194. anger in public
  195. Alcohol anxiety AGAIN!
  196. Need to go doctors asap?
  197. What else can a psychiatrist do for me?
  198. Anyone over 40 with SA?
  199. Research: Use of online support systems
  200. Introversion & Social Anxiety
  201. What if you don't enjoy being around others
  202. Alcohol anxiety
  203. People and their germs
  204. Adult Seperation Anxiety Disorder
  205. Feeling Lost
  206. Feeling bad about cancelling plans
  207. Anxiety caused from bad neighbours
  208. Lack of support, no money, and bored.
  209. Can't get rid of a friend
  210. 3 years since I have used this due to overcoming anxiety
  211. Hypnotherapy?
  212. Please help! Terrified!! Possible trigger warning for people afraid of schizophrenia!
  213. The head rush feeling!
  214. Does emetaphobia cause social anxiety?
  215. Presentation and diazepam
  216. Daydreaming again.....
  217. Writing in front of people
  218. How anxiety can ruin my judgment over new relationship
  219. Social Anxiety - Choking fear
  220. Hate myself
  221. Stuck in a bit of a perdicament with a friend idk what to do :(
  222. Getting emotional in public
  223. Socially awkward around him...
  224. Embarrassed.....
  225. Sorry for the long post...
  226. Apathy
  227. Social anxiety in teen
  228. Going back to work with really mean coworkers
  229. Family gatherings
  230. Obsessive online friend
  231. Lost again
  232. People's perceptions of anxious people. Uncomfortable interactions.
  233. Hello, Newbie here!
  234. Does anyone else get this after spending a lot of time with people?
  235. Reunion with people from past - help
  236. Anybody elses anxiety completely disappear with alcohol?
  237. I'll never be accepted
  238. Business Meeting Anxiety
  239. SHy pee, avoidant paruresis, shy bladder syndrome
  240. I feel like such a doormat - fear of losing people
  241. Need Help! Feeling empty inside....
  242. Doctors visit helped
  243. Anyone have gym anxiety?
  244. Looking at Social Anxiety Levels
  245. Understanding Social Anxiety Further
  246. Newbie here..unsure if it's social anxiety and in need of help/advice.
  247. Guys only want girls in their early 20s
  248. Please, please, please Help!
  249. My Healing Story
  250. Book suggestions?