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  1. Daily Mail feature
  2. Can you help in OCD research?
  3. Fear of Flying?
  4. Agoraphobia TV Documentary
  5. Panic Disorder with Agoraphobic TV Documentary
  6. Television Show helping with Phobias.
  7. CH4 TV SHOW
  8. Anybody suffer from OCD?
  9. Do you have a serious Phobia?
  10. We can help you!
  11. Suffer from phobias?
  12. Extreme phobias
  13. Food Phobias
  14. Dear forum members...
  15. Another phobias article!
  16. OCD and Imagination: Volunteers needed
  17. Panic room BBC programme
  18. bbc panic room is anyone going for it
  19. Families suffering from collective problems?
  20. Panic Disorder research - can you help?!
  21. OCD research (via email) - please help?!
  22. Gmtv~ paul mckenna!!! cure oppurtunity
  23. Anyone with Agoraphobia?
  24. Research into Health Anxiety
  25. Fear of night
  26. OCD and cleaning - female members required
  27. House of Agoraphobics
  28. *WANTED: people to interview for magazine! *
  29. Anxiety Research Questionnaire
  30. Network TV Show Seeks Health Anxiety Sufferers
  31. case studies for magazine article
  32. My Human Biology Coursework
  33. Psychology studies
  34. Your Views Required
  35. Help me please!
  36. BBC Looking for Phobics
  37. panic room.
  38. Parents suffering with anxiety - help needed for research
  39. OCD study - participants needed
  40. OCD TV programme - volunteers needed
  41. Daily Mirror Feature
  42. Do you have an unusual phobia?
  43. CBT - Prof Paul On BBC Radio 2 Now
  44. Panic Research - Paid Participation - London
  45. My Diary 2006 - 2007. Homeless and mentally ill to supporting others...
  46. Daily Mail feature - are you always worried about your health?
  47. Research based on Panic Attack/Anxiety Sufferers
  48. Do you have OCD? And how do you cope with it?
  49. Participants needed for Anxiety study
  50. Can Anyone Help?
  51. filming for a professional NLP training DVD
  52. Clare weeks Audio
  53. British Airways crash world news
  54. Are you in the Health Career field?
  55. Trying to locate tocophobia sufferer
  56. WARNING!! CBS report about Scientology
  57. Series on OCD for Channel Five
  58. series on OCD for Channel Five
  59. Research Participants Needed
  60. Thanks for cancerchemist.com
  61. Anxiety Research
  62. Channel 5 Documentary - Anxiety and OCD
  63. Participants still needed - please help!
  64. BBC looking for an agoraphobic
  65. Phobia of washing or holes? Help wanted.
  66. Anyone scared of Friday 13th and want to appear on GMTV
  67. Self-Help Website Study!
  68. Can Anyone Help A Writer?
  69. A web-based university study for the management of social anxiety
  70. Assessing the link between parenting and anxiety in childhood.
  71. BBC 3 Documentary on Food Phobias
  72. Investigating Intrusive Imagery in GAD
  73. Link between physical and psychological health symptoms
  74. implementing new features on mental health websites and privacy issues raised
  75. Single OCD sufferers between 16 and 25 years of age needed for research
  76. BBC2 need sufferers of skin complaints,digestive problems, sleep deprivation or colds
  77. Channel 4 want teenagers with teenagers with trichotillomania (hair pulling)
  78. Females that have overcome a fear or phobia wanted
  79. Agoraphobia sufferer wanted for Radio talk show.
  80. University of Essex Anxiety Study
  81. Exploring Mental Imagery And Worry (GAD)
  82. Can anyone help me?
  83. BBC 1 documentary on pregnant women who suffer from eating disorders
  84. People with BDD wanted for Guardian Weekend magazine
  85. podcasts on mental health
  86. Psychological Health Call for Papers: Special Session within iCBBE2009------ljh
  87. Are you anxious about being burgled?
  88. Do you suffer from health anxiety? Guardian newspaper request
  89. Digital Sounds Lincoln Online Radio
  90. Panic Attack / Disorder Sufferers Required - Creative Radio Feature
  91. Do you have a socially unacceptable phobia?
  92. A Study on Social Support and Information Seeking on Internet Forums
  93. looking for people on Second Life, for BBC doc
  94. Questionnaire for members with anxiety problems. Get paid £5 to respond.
  95. Are you addicted to Googling your sysmptoms?
  96. Are you interested in being in the media?
  97. Are you looking for members for a media project?
  98. People who are compulsive liars or have been in relationship with compulsive liars
  99. North One Television documentary about young people with health anxiety
  100. Women with Phobias?
  101. Public Space Design and Agoraphobia
  102. Understanding the experience of social anxiety
  103. Research into the effectiveness of self-help and coping strategies
  104. Sunderland University Study - Please help!
  105. Radio Scotland, Panic Attack
  106. Female with unusual phobia wanted for Magazine article
  107. volunteer available for paid work/surveys
  108. Are you aged 50+ and have overcome Agoraphobia, Insomnia or OCD
  109. Panic Attack sufferer wanted for Daily Mail article
  110. Do you have a Driving Phobia? Female needed for article
  111. Have you suffered side-effects from SSRI anti-depressants or made a recovery on them?
  112. Do you suffer with Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder ? Article in Times newspaper
  113. Health Anxiety Research
  114. Do you suffer with a phobia that stops you living your life?
  115. Participants for anxiety research wanted
  116. North -Do you have psychosis, anxiety or depression? - research participants required
  117. Attitudes to Parenting - women wanted for research. £10 completion fee payable
  118. Petition for funding for mental health issues
  119. New ACT & CBT Anxiety study
  120. Some help please? maybe?
  121. Phobia survey - please help!
  122. Articles on anxiety needed
  123. Survey on anxiety and emotion - would love your help!
  124. interesting list
  125. Top Sante Magazine feature - female with panic attacks
  126. BBC documentary about young people with mental health issues
  127. Please help- participants needed for research study on anxiety
  128. ARE YOU TOKOPHOBIC - extreme fear of pregnancy/childbirth
  129. When the panic attack is triggered, what is the over-riding fear?
  130. how people with anxiety react to criticism
  131. Health Anxiety Sufferer/Freelance Journalist seeks young adult's stories for article
  132. BBC - Tokophobia Documentary
  133. Female with agoraphobia wanted for national woman's magazine
  134. TV Documentary on 'Religious OCD' being made by former OCD sufferer
  135. Understanding social anxiety
  136. Participants Kindly Sought for NHS Research Project | Panic Disorder
  137. Research participants needed!
  138. Female aged 20 to 50 who has kleptomania wanted for magazine article
  139. Benzodiazepines (anyone been on them?)
  140. Name any TV channel where i can get info related travel??
  141. Spare 10 Minutes? Help to understand treating panic/anxiety
  142. Volunteers needed for an online health psychology study!
  143. research project on Panic disorder/Agoraphobis - case studies needed.
  144. Are you a university student? Please help my sister with her research :)
  145. TV documentary
  146. Online research study - participants needed
  147. Understanding Fear of Incontinence - Participants Needed
  148. University Students in the UK
  149. Anxiety information and public libraries
  150. Phobia Treatment
  151. OCD and facebook/twitter
  152. Have you experienced a traumatic event? Survey on trauma & psychological well-being
  153. Research into Panic Disorder and OCD service users experiences
  154. Short Film Featuring An Agoraphobic
  155. Do you have a fear or Phobia?
  156. Swedish television
  157. TV Documentary on Tokophobia
  158. Book about fear of driving
  159. photography student in need of help :)
  160. Shoplifting habit
  161. Mental health and employment study - volunteers needed
  162. BBC Radio 4 documentary featuring agoraphobia
  163. research into the expererience of living with BDD or OCD
  164. PTSD university research questionnaire
  165. research about living with OCD or BDD
  166. Mental health issues and relationships
  167. Short film opportunity
  168. Mark Rice Oxley on Jeremy Vine
  169. Agoraphobic Teenagers
  170. Do you take Xanax for anxiety issues?
  171. Research Study - Negative Effects of Psychotherapy
  172. Design Student - looking for help
  173. Health Anxiety Sufferers Wanted
  174. Dental Fear Online Questionnaire - Please help me with my research!
  175. Women to talk anonymously about anxiety
  176. KCL study into fear and anxiety
  177. Coming to a bookstore near you... artist required
  178. If you are a hoarder and need help we're here
  179. Television documentary
  180. Olympics
  181. Food Phobias for TV Pilot
  182. Documentary Mental Health project
  183. Anxiety and your Driving
  184. Going to hospital for stress
  185. Creativity 'closely entwined with mental illness'
  186. Participants needed for research on panic attacks - UCL
  187. PTSD final year project research
  188. Participants needed for Online survey "Dealing with feelings and negative thoughts"
  189. What caused her brain stem stroke?
  190. 50% of schizophrenics recover naturally??
  191. Participants needed for Radio Documentary
  192. Are you a 16-25 year old affected by OCD? Watershed TV would love to hear from you.
  193. Documentary idea on extreme fear of pregnancy/childbirth
  194. Do you/did you suffer FEAR OF CHILDBIRTH?
  195. My mad fat diary
  196. Take part in an interview and receive a £25 voucher
  197. new film....... called side effects
  198. DR GOOGLE - Your Stories
  199. Tell me about your anxiety...
  200. Support in Schools
  201. Daily Mail article
  202. Questions about phobias
  203. Are food anxieties/phobias ruling your life?Would you like help? Seeking contributors
  204. Iron Man and Mental Health
  205. Judges rule WCA "unfair"
  206. Participants required for online questionnaires - please help!
  207. This will make you cry....
  208. Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic
  209. An online questionnaire looking at anxiety problems!
  210. Hikikomori
  211. Participate in an online research study: How do you think in imaginary scenarios?
  212. Help with study
  213. Phobia of heights?
  214. TV show looking for unusual eating habits
  215. Not a great article BUT.....
  216. Paracetamol for Anxiety
  217. Newspaper article which stigmatises people with depression
  218. Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach
  219. Healthy Eating
  220. The Observer - Living with anxiety: Britain's silent epidemic [15 September 2013]
  221. Anyone thinking about seeking alternative treatment on Harley Street?
  222. This Morning
  223. BBC Media Request
  224. MTV online relationship show
  225. Ex Agrophobic Needing Participants for Final Year Anxiety Research
  226. Struggling with OCD?
  227. I'm trying to find potential new therapies for depression and anxiety!
  228. Have you got a strange habit or behaviour?
  229. Panorama 25/11/2013 8.30pm
  230. Celebrities with mental health issues
  231. Relationship anxiety
  232. Online Depression Research Study: Depression and Emotions
  233. Stress in the Workplace
  234. Christmas: a social anxiety minefield
  235. ‘Effects of expressing views, opinions and emotions in internet forums on wellbeing’
  236. Health anxiety tv show (uk)
  237. Racial Minority Group individuals’ experiences of therapy survey
  238. Channel 4 Documentary about your experience of A&E/ GP surgeries
  239. Some questions
  240. Self-Harm Research Project
  241. Media requests - will be paid
  242. Do you have Chlorophobia? Fear of green
  243. My New Comedy Blog
  244. Mindfullness
  245. Mental Health Awareness Week 2014: Anxiety theme
  246. If physical diseases were treated like mental illness...
  247. BBC News: Mental health services 'a car crash'
  248. painkiller anxiety research survey
  249. Participants for Online SA Research
  250. Reassurance Seeking - What is it?