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  1. Hugs for Nic and Alex(NMP) please
  2. Please could i have a hug, just when i thought things where going well.10th Aug
  3. i gunna miss yas all heres some hugs
  4. Hugs For Tnt808 (tina)
  5. a hug please for our manmoor Mandyyyyy
  7. Thanks Manmoor!
  8. Positive Vibes Please
  9. In need of some hugs.. please?
  10. Thank you
  11. Another Hug Needed.....bit Shaken!!!
  12. Big Hugs for Lisa (Bottleblonde)
  13. Hugs For Our Friend Lindalou64
  14. Update by Lisa
  15. Hugs for me
  16. Hugs for Lisa (LJ)
  17. cuddles x
  18. My Cats Gone Missing!!!
  19. Puzzled!!!
  20. Hugs for Trac67 needed
  21. Can I have a moan please????????????
  22. hugs for angiebaby please
  23. please can you give tnt(tina) loads and loads of hugs and support
  24. Hugs threads - do you want yours to keep
  25. My Mum
  26. Hugs For Linda_lou
  27. Hugs for me please !
  28. Hugs For Everyone
  29. really could do with knowing soeone cares
  30. crap
  31. guess this is how i feel right now...
  32. laura
  33. Hugs for Deb64
  34. a hug in a song
  35. a song for all of us i think
  36. *sigh*
  37. hugs for granny primark
  38. support and hugs for stace (stace81)
  39. Feeling So Sad
  40. Hugs for Everbody Today
  41. having a moan
  42. hugs for blue bottle
  43. Mystics Did it :)
  44. sorry....
  45. For our Heidi at her time of loss
  46. hugs for belive
  47. Hugs for PaganGothicAngel
  48. Hugs For MichelleMumof4
  49. shopping AGAIN
  50. Can We have a few hugs for the following people..?
  51. Hugs for Kazzie
  52. hugs for gordan
  53. hugs and thank yous....
  54. Good vibes please!
  55. Hugs for YorkyLover xxxx
  56. hugs and thanks for lynn ann
  57. Congratulation Hugs for Donna.
  58. Hugs For Heidi
  59. Hugs For Our Syl
  60. for lynn, our granny primark
  61. Hugs for SammiB
  62. Big HUGS for Trac67
  63. Well wishes and Hugs to Alex needed please
  64. my morning....
  65. California.. Prayers For Them W/wild Fire
  66. Could I have some hugs Please..?
  67. Hugs And Prayers For Syl Xxx
  68. Big Hugs For Nikk Please
  69. for syl from kellie ann
  70. Anything else
  71. Hugs for everyone
  72. Please can i have some hugs, really struggling now
  73. Hugs For Nanny
  74. Blip
  75. i hate this i hate this i hate this
  76. The Worlds Biggest Thanks....
  77. I Need To Vent!!!
  78. Hugs For Tina (Believe)
  79. big hugs for coni
  80. Got a Meeting
  81. A Very Dark Time...
  82. Tommorrow at 4pm.........
  83. Big Hugs For Pink Princess
  84. Hugs and thoughts for our dear PIGLET.
  85. At last!!!!
  86. Biggest Hugs For Alex And Nic!!!!
  87. Hugs for Groovygranny
  88. Sudden Loss
  89. Its Happened Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. Just a little hug pls...
  91. I'd Like A Little Huggy
  92. hugs for Jodie
  93. Eeek Dentist In 2 Hrs Time 5pm!!!!!
  94. Could really do with some BIG hugs guys!
  95. Get well soon mystic
  96. big hugs for samkirman
  97. Massive hugs for our Stace81
  98. Christmas sadness.
  99. Good Luck Nic!!!
  100. Bit of a hug please
  101. Ok not sure if hugs will work!!!!
  102. I Must Be Cursed
  103. hugsfor deb64 please
  104. aaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh
  105. What On Earth Am I Going To Do Now?
  106. hugs for deb update
  107. hugs for me please
  108. Hugs for Dying_Swan she's in hospital!!
  109. Hugs Please.
  110. Need a moan!!!!!
  111. webhugs
  112. I could do with some hugs please
  113. crashed ! could do with a shoulder
  114. Girlfriend broke up with me last night
  115. Please could I have a hug
  116. Moo needs a cuddle
  117. Big Hugs
  118. Quirky Needs Some Hugs
  119. Never been so low
  120. I just dont know what to do anymore ...
  121. Hugs for Kate
  122. Need hugs please.
  123. Not coping
  124. Hugs for Happyone
  125. feeling ultra crap and alone - lots of hugs please!
  126. hugs for heidi and Joe
  127. thankyou lea
  128. Updated Hugs for Syl Please
  129. Hugs For Kazzie
  130. HUGS for GroovyGranny for Friday please
  131. Hugs for everyone!
  132. What is the point of all these drugs?
  133. hugs for Maxim my dog
  134. Foxy bell is in need of hugs and support.
  135. hugs for granny primark
  136. big hugs for trac
  137. Hugs For Everyone
  138. hugs for gordan
  139. Congratulations to Stace81
  140. hugs for gordon
  141. aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg
  142. special hugs for...
  143. EXTRA hugs for my lovely friend Mandy.
  144. Bit selfish but....
  145. Hugs and thanks for Everyone
  146. Hugs For Nmp
  147. Please can I have some hugs...
  148. poor Kazzie
  149. my friend passed away
  150. Bit sad
  151. Hugs for the sake of hugs!
  152. Hugs for Lindalou...
  153. hugs for angiebaby! x
  154. Hugs needed!!!
  155. Hugs and positive vibes for Alihud please!
  156. Hugs for Kazzie
  157. hugs for debera
  158. Hugs for B-happy..Please
  159. More whinging!!!!!
  160. hugs for ladygrom! x
  161. Me Again!!!!!
  162. Please can I moan?...
  163. No No No!!!!!!
  164. hugs for yesterday and always
  165. Hugs For Nibbles
  166. hugs for margaret911! x
  167. Timeout for Trac please
  168. HUGS, or bobsy
  169. Good Luck Lea !
  170. *More Ugs for his Nibs!*
  171. Hugs for Jodie please
  172. Job interview Wednesday 5 March
  173. upset for my friend
  174. Yadda yadda....
  175. please can I have a hug....
  176. Hugs For Knightbabe
  177. What a day!!
  178. Some Hugs Please
  179. Hugs for Emira
  180. Driving test tomorrow
  181. Hugs For Our Friend Lindalou64
  182. very sad
  183. Giving up..
  184. Hugs for Chalky...
  185. Hugs For Kazzie
  186. Hugs for Lorac.......
  187. Hugs for Jodie
  188. hugs for janey50
  189. Death In Family
  190. Bummy few days!!!!!!
  191. Please Give A Hug To Jill
  192. Hugs For Ellen70
  193. Hugs for Paddie
  194. Could I have a hug please???
  195. Hubby's leaving, need a big hug.
  196. Hugs for Sam
  197. for coni and hubbie
  198. lookin for a friend
  199. hugs to 2 angels plus everyone else i met in here
  200. need a moan again...
  201. to all my nmp friends
  202. will it ever end ???????????
  203. I'm having a tough time, and could do with a hug.............
  204. Huge hugs for Jodie
  205. It's So Sad
  206. hugs for lisa (bottleblond)
  207. big hugs for lorac
  208. virtual hugs for wolfie
  209. hugs for flinty.
  210. For Alihud!!
  211. For Diane07
  212. big hugs
  213. Hugs For Amanda J And Hubby Kev
  214. Giving myself a hug......
  215. Operation......
  216. big hugs for lindy please
  217. A rainy day...
  218. dont know why but i do
  219. need a hug!!
  220. In need of a little hug
  221. Hugs for Smudgie and Chris670
  222. Hugs for Jodie
  223. Ness, you're an inspiration and an angel in disguise!
  224. Hugs for you all
  225. Big Hugs for Nic
  226. everythings gone so wrong and i cant take it
  227. big hugs for scott and pagangothic angel
  228. thevoicewithinme could do with a hug!
  229. could use a hug
  230. My Dad is Ill
  231. cheeky monkey is ill in hosp and needs loads of hugs
  232. national carers week in uk
  233. big hugs for granny primark
  234. Job Interview on Thursday
  235. wayne in hospital
  236. orion needs us please
  237. Sorry I feel like absolute crap
  238. Huge hugs for Karen
  239. hugs for lane12 please
  240. Just need them
  241. Group Hug For All Those Who Have Lost Dads
  242. Feeling so bad
  243. Dreadful Day......
  244. welldone hope2
  245. Thank You For This Website
  246. just feel Low
  247. big hugs for est(estelle)
  248. hugs for milly ,est ,hells ,and everyone
  249. Big hugs for Laura (Southern Belle)
  250. My anxiety is at an all time high thanks to a txt.