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  2. blood tests
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  4. Blood Tests
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  8. Blood tests
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  11. Blood Tests
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  19. Inflamatory makers please someone respond.
  20. DOes anyone else suffer with this?
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  22. pins and needles
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  27. d-dimer
  28. iron deficiency linked to depression
  29. do i need to worry?
  30. Full blood count, what does it tell your doc?
  31. For those scared of needles!
  32. worried
  33. So Scared!
  34. please help
  35. EMLA Cream
  36. My results
  37. So scared Blood Test Results
  38. Never had blood tested
  39. advice needed
  40. Just had bloods done what can be found?
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  49. Blood clot test
  50. di dimer
  51. Anaemia, any one experienced this?
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  53. LFT results
  54. High Cortisol in bloods, can this just be stress?
  55. Blood test for diabetes
  56. Would a blood test detect something serious?
  57. going. to gp to discuss results, worried
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  59. hormone blood test.
  60. Would a fbc?
  61. Throat and neck lumps and blood tests
  62. Are my bloods normal?
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  64. low ferritin and low serum folate
  65. blood test results
  66. Seeing the Dr after letter.
  67. got a prob
  68. flavoured water
  69. Blood test result Thyroid function
  70. Elevated ALT and GGT Very Worried
  71. Got a letter through the post from the doctors :-/
  72. blood test results
  73. liver enzymes help
  74. Incompetent nurse?
  75. Blood test on Wednesday and scared.. :/
  76. Fasting test
  77. ALT Level - GP's have me confused!
  78. enzme heart blood test
  79. Lft.
  80. fasting bloods but in afternoon
  81. How can I get blood tests?
  82. Chances of Liver Cancer with the following blood test result and symptoms?
  83. Lymphocytes 42%
  84. anemia
  85. Really bad blood test phobia, please help! (Diazepam experience?)
  86. slightly high raised white blood cells
  87. blood clot test positive bur they wont scan
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  98. Reeeeelax :)
  99. Liver Blood Test Abnormal
  100. Will the receptionist think I'm mad??
  101. No action required
  102. High ESR and CRP and TLC
  103. More scared than ever now!
  104. Results not ready :(
  105. FBC results
  106. severe pain in arm after blood test?
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  108. Decided to go for a fasting glucose blood test tomorrow. I am wreck
  109. Blood test results
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  111. So I got my blood test results back...does anyone else question their results??
  112. Blood test for HIV soon.
  113. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF - Had a blood test today!
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  115. Blood Test Results
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  124. Testing for diabetes.
  125. high Blood cortisol test
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  127. high calcium?
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  135. High White cells
  136. Understanding CRP and WCC
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  139. Bloods
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  143. Blood tests - have to wait a week - #annoying
  144. blood test result
  145. lft
  146. what exactly does "monitoring" mean on blood test results?
  147. Blood results
  148. blood test
  149. under active thyroid
  150. Repeated bloods to rest for low iron?
  151. Low white cell count
  152. blood tests. Scared
  153. What does it mean if my doctor orders blood tests we didn't talk about?
  154. How long till you get results of Occult Stool test?
  155. Potassium!!
  156. Bone marrow donor test
  157. Glucose level 4.9 help!
  158. HIV Test
  159. Gamma GT
  160. CA19-9 tunour marker for pancreatic cancer outside of normal range
  161. low alt
  162. A Repeat - Blood test?
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  164. CRP and ESR high but all other values normal
  165. High ESR? Scared!
  166. B12 and folate
  167. Blood Work Results - panic attack already :-(
  168. scary Blood Test
  169. Kft
  170. Blood test results
  171. Blood test results for muscles
  172. So nervous, high wbc really worrying
  173. Newbie with elevated kidney levels
  174. panicking right now
  175. Blood test results
  176. Can I get my old blood test results over the phone?
  177. Really anxious!!
  178. stomach blood test normal have i just got to accept ibs?
  179. Scared to get my blood results.
  180. thyroid help please
  181. Can I see doctor about private blood tests I had taken?
  182. Can blood test rule out cancers
  183. liver function test
  184. Full blood count.
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  187. Serum C reactive protein level is high
  188. High white blood cell as a predictor of heart disease?
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  190. High Iron
  191. liver.
  192. fibrinogen and c reactive protein raised help!
  193. Having a blood test to check for diabetes next Tuesday. Scared!
  194. Deficiencies and new diagnosis
  195. Difference between absolute numbers and percentage
  196. Blood test
  197. DVT tests
  198. Liver function tests and liver disease
  199. High calcium but need blood tests for more
  200. Agonizing wait
  201. Home blood testing kits
  202. Parent panic
  203. High CRP level
  204. Dreaded blood test.
  205. Terrified about leukemia or something like that
  206. Blood test experience.
  207. Liver.
  208. safe to leave gauze bandage on overnight after blood draw?
  209. Yep, another one for the needle
  210. blood.
  211. Contacted within 24 hours but not urgent?!
  212. calm.
  213. Blood test tomo
  214. Worried about arm feeling stiff after blood test
  215. Elevated Liver Enzymes along with other symptoms
  216. Iron Blood Tests
  217. Slightly abnormal liver function.
  218. Does anyone else have a serious fear of blood tests? NOT the needle
  219. Bloods.
  220. Ferritin?
  221. Waiting..... the worst thing
  222. never been so scared :( blood test pls help
  223. Worried about my blood test results
  224. Lymphocytes
  225. Blood Test
  226. crp and esr evalated
  227. very worried, doctor ordered a blood test
  228. raised crp
  229. Nerve damage because of blood draw?
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  238. Several Abnormal Results
  239. Immunoglobulin
  240. Tightness around bicep
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  242. Tell me about your blood
  243. Pea-sized jawline lump, CBC fine. Need advice.
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  250. BNP Levels