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  1. A question for the men
  2. Testicles
  3. cellulite in men
  4. a question for men
  5. Space between anus and top of scrotum...
  6. Testicle Hurts (may be a thread for the guys) Going away Monday-Friday
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  9. men only read this!
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  11. Testicle Pain.
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  13. Men: Does this happen to you? Is it normal? A "down there" thread...
  14. Terrified...Testicle Cancer... & My story.
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  16. Question for the men
  17. One for the men
  18. Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)
  19. testicle problems
  20. Lump on testicle, calcium deposit
  21. testicles panic
  22. Please Men Only? Male Privates Subject?
  23. hpv in men :O
  24. still have thrush (men)
  25. Guy's advice needed...Well, unless ladies have something to chip in!
  26. Tiny hard lump
  27. Tiny hard lump
  28. grrrrr! i hate this!!!! stupid brain
  29. Always have to Pee
  30. One for the guys - quick response please!
  31. Sudden anxiety out of nowhere. Tons of symptoms
  32. Took a knee to the ********...
  33. Multiple Symptoms. Don't mind who reads I just need answers.
  34. 22, lumps behind both nipples, problem for years
  35. Again Balls
  36. Testicular Cancer??
  37. Penis question - guys?
  38. Excessive wind
  39. Pud not working properly
  40. Putting this to bed
  41. Sharp headache on ejaculation
  42. Sexual Perfomance Anxiety
  43. scared of dieing @ 32
  44. insomnia worried i have something like cancer
  45. aches and pains
  46. My boyfriend said he's lost his libido?
  47. Blood in vomit!
  48. Lost Libido...Help!
  49. On Testosterone Replacement therapy now for life anyone else get anxiety with it?
  50. Persistent stomach ache - sign of HIV?
  51. IBS And The DWP/WRAG.
  52. Sexual Health Plughole question
  53. rash/spots on penis head.
  54. Vasectomy
  55. Peeing all the time!
  56. Male issue
  57. Pain in the Penis & Testicles
  58. Penis Redness Symptom
  59. Lower back and testicle pain
  60. cancer
  61. Burning head (not the one we are supposed to think with)
  62. Angry Foreskin !!!
  63. Spot/boil on mens area
  64. Right testicle pain. Really worried.
  65. Bladder issue....i think!
  66. Bubbling/grumbling on left side of ribcage
  67. morning wood and erections
  68. White material in mens area
  69. Catheter Insertion
  70. Beer
  71. Can Anyone Explain Thursh To Me Please
  72. Rash
  73. Lumps on testicles
  74. Sertraline no sexual dysfunction after two weeks
  75. Painful lumps
  76. (Male region) Lumps. Very worried.
  77. Yellow / Orange flakey bits in semen??
  78. Random Pain in Genitals?
  79. can you turn gay from excessive masturbating?
  80. Awkward man thing...lol?
  81. PSA tests (prostate)
  82. Lower back ache, pubis discomfort and testicles ache.
  83. Prostrate cancer info please ..
  84. Worried to the point i feel like giving up :(
  85. Time for a 2nd Opinion?
  86. Chest Goes Red after masturbation
  87. cita sexual side effects in males
  88. One for the lads (epididymitis)
  89. Be warned - Penis problems (blood) - terrified!
  90. Pain while checking testicles? Please help :(
  91. Pain in left testicle, going into my groin and upper left thigh. HELP :(
  92. seeking help with nipple problem
  93. No sex drive?
  94. Bladder Problems
  95. Penis Question
  96. Small lump on tube near testicle
  97. Terrified Of Testicle Cancer
  98. Oxybutynin Patches
  99. erectile dysfunction?
  100. feel depressed for days after any kind of sex
  101. Too much information but can anyone help!?
  102. rashes on my inner pennis ?
  103. Guy problem: blood in semen
  104. I'm scared I have peyronie's disease? (For Guys)
  105. sensitive testicles
  106. Very random question, any one else understand what I am talking about?
  107. When i shoot my load
  108. Dont know where to put my problem but can men read only thank you
  109. hot flushes night sweats MEN
  110. Right testicle
  111. Red rash on Penis Head need help?
  112. male problems scared!
  113. Citalopram and libido
  114. testicular cancer worry!!
  115. venlafaxine & prostate problems
  116. Well...Flouxetine/Prozac this is a personal one I guess..
  117. Blood in semen (haematospermia)
  118. Fluctuating libido/sexual functioning
  119. Dull pain around the left of my scrotum, testicular cancer?
  120. Pain in testicles, Please advise
  121. Recurring red spots on penis. Any thoughts?
  122. fluid in scrotum
  123. Mirtazapine and... something
  124. One for the guys
  125. How long does it take before you initiate your urine flow?
  126. Pain in left testicle, hip, leg etc
  127. Male health - Please help me and my testicles :(
  128. Anxiety/Citalopram/Sexual problems
  129. Testicle Worry, please help!
  130. Worried about Testicular Cancer
  131. Testicular Cancer Fear Is Making Me Want To Die
  132. Testicular Cancer Obsession
  133. Urination after masturbating?
  134. Round the Bend with Testicle Lump
  135. Addictive personality is there such a thing
  136. Panicking about Testicles
  137. Achey mens private TMI
  138. Pain in testicles
  139. For males worrying about testicular cancer
  140. To all you guys, help :( (girls aswell if you have knowledge)
  141. Really worried about a personal thing..:( Thrush?
  142. Testicular Worry
  143. Racing heart before/during masturbation
  144. testicular cancer question
  145. Penis problem
  146. So if it's not infection, it has to be cancer right?
  147. testicular ultrasound
  148. Taking Viagra
  149. Think i'm going mad
  150. Red spots on glans
  151. Pain behind left eye, worried about aneurysm
  152. anxiety over testicular cancer
  153. Testicular cancer fear
  154. Testicular cancer worry. Going insane here.
  155. What are these Testicular Lumps?
  156. What are these testicular lumps?
  157. Testicular cancer.. once again.
  158. performance anxiety
  159. Testicular Pain
  160. anyone taking viagra with there meds
  161. Night sweats
  162. Phimosis.
  163. help or advise needed :)
  164. Slight Testicle pain when pooping
  165. Attempted Sex And Fast Heart Beat and Hard To Breathe And Weakness
  166. Help, im really worried
  167. Low semen volume
  168. blue balls or start of testicular cancer?
  169. Racing heart?
  170. Ejaculation problem
  171. UTI - High Pulse and Fever
  172. Tingling sensations.. Is it really anxiety?
  173. Dribbling after urinating
  174. Mens issue
  175. Weight loss
  176. Decreased ejaculation
  177. Yearly testicular examination
  178. Embarrasing problem, hygiene
  179. Testicular cancer trauma
  180. Penile troubles/Balanitis
  181. Testicular lump on the back of my left testicle!!!
  182. Does anyone else feel tingling in the testicles?
  183. testicular cancer worry:(
  184. Aching testicles
  185. Male Breast Question
  186. Fear of cancer testicals and high anxiety
  187. bump on right testicle
  188. Right groin/testicle/abdomen ache
  189. Left testicle "ache"
  190. Discomfort/pain in left testicle when walking
  191. Male problem
  192. Painful red bump in crotch area?
  193. Testicle Lump
  194. Bleeding between periods? Absolutely terrified..
  195. Trying for a baby
  196. Testicle worries taking over life
  197. Testicle Worries
  198. Very worried I might have testicular cancer
  199. Testicle issue/Obsession
  200. Fast Tracked for a Scan
  201. A little humor to ease worry. Hopefully
  202. lump on testicle
  203. Testicle Issues
  204. Overactive bladder
  205. Herpes?
  206. Pain when peeing
  207. Chronic Epididymitis Fear
  208. Urethra pain (TMI Warning)
  209. Right arm ache sign of heart problems?
  210. Testicle "Issues" and Health Anxiety
  211. Penis Pain when Urinating (long post, a bit TMI)
  212. Penis issue please someone respond !
  213. Testicular cancer
  214. CAT scan showed Clear! Should i celebrate?
  215. Dull pain in Left testicle/ upper back thigh
  216. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  217. Worried about bladder cancer
  218. Prostate/Groin Pain
  219. Can Panic Attacks Cause Damage?
  220. Bathroom anxiety
  221. Terrified of penile cancer!!!
  222. Tiny Mass on my Right Testicle
  223. Testicle Question
  224. Spot on testicle
  225. Corneal Abrasion
  226. HIV/AIDS Phobia, Help?
  227. ultrasound
  228. Sore armpit-no lump-male-
  229. Thought i felt lump on Testicle
  230. Citalopram and "male issues"
  231. Weight
  232. Skin Tags
  233. Tiny like pimple Under or on epididymis on the left testicle !
  234. Anyone?
  235. Mild pain right testicle during intercourse/masturbation
  236. Mild pain/pinch in right testicle during intercourse/foreplay
  237. Change in seamen - watery thin
  238. Getting the libido back
  239. Erection problems
  240. Medication that doesn't affect your erection
  241. Testicles
  242. No lump i can find but right testical hurts lower abdom and kidney area
  243. Low Testosterone?
  244. Left arm really achy
  245. Testicle pain from having a nap in Jeans?
  246. GOING INSANE! Are anyone elses testicle like this?
  247. Anxiety of SA Test
  248. Back pain radiating from testicle
  249. Can HIV be transmitted through Frotting or blowjob?
  250. Pain in the nether regions