View Full Version : any else sufferin postnatal anxiety?

19-08-11, 22:09
hiya im new on here i had a baby 5 weeks ago and have been suffering panic attakcs and anxiety ever since she was 2 days old iv had anxiety before for 3 months when i had my first child she was nearly 2 years old then and i couldnt manage to look after her is any1 else suffering from this i always feel like im going to die etc

22-08-11, 08:04
I had my baby 18month ago so a while now and I totally expected to be back to normal. But the night of the mornin I had her. It was like my body just gave up. My heart was poundin. The room was spinnin. I couldn't breath. I did not not know what was goin on! Now I think it was some kind of panic vertigo attack thing. I had a very very hard 3 days of labour and delivery and it just was a horrible experience both mentally and physically for my body to handle!!

Then about 3 month ago I was sittin there and seem to have some kind of panic attack!! I was then ill for 2 days afterwards.

I still hadnt told anyone yet at this point

Then about 1 1/2 ago I had another quite same experience as to what I had in the hospital. But this time the spinnin was so bad I was eventually sick!

I think all my symptoms are mostly down to my experience but before I had her I had and still have ocd. Its got gradually worse durin pregnancy. I bought hand gels etc. Then when I had her I sterilised immensly etc.

I think all ths thinkin on my brain is stressin me out to the point where it just didn't know what to do and sent my body into some kind of attack.

I have a lot of symptoms of anxiety especially not belkiving its anxiety and thinkin its a life threating illness that has been missed and I'm guna die etc. Or I'm guna fall asleep and not wake up! I had them thought a while back but thought it was ocd and I didn't know about anxiety! I've also been told that my body hasn't recovered and I've developed depression.

I havnt experience I don't think anxiety before so its all very new$

The truth is all this stressin is makin us ill and we will only get more ill of we don't sort it out and pull our self together

16-12-11, 21:55
I have the same feelings, my baby is 8 months old and I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I dont dont feel right, I worry about everything about dying and I dont know what to do. Im afraid to leave the house now, becuz I've been taking attacks outside. I spoke to a womans center and she mentioned she thought it was postnatel depression and was refered to counceling.