View Full Version : clomipramine

10-05-06, 12:02
my doctor put me on these tdy aftr taking me off beta blockers anyone else on them and find they help
im on 30mg a day split into 3 doses


10-05-06, 13:14
they helped me as well, not as much as some drugs but they are very good

10-05-06, 13:57
hiya frankie
thanx for replying,have you been on them long? and what dosage are/where u on
i hate taking meds i have too hide the leaflet or il be looking at all the side effects and thinking omg i have that,that and oh ...that arghhhh
did u find they relaxed you? my doc says theyl help with the panic as he says im high as a kite one minute and low as anything the next:(

10-05-06, 21:32
they help with anxiety after a few weeks, they cause a bit of constipation and dry mouth, take some herbal laxatives, that will help

I am on 100mg