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24-08-11, 11:06
Hi All

I am off for a 24 hour ecg tomorrow. Bit nervous. Just wondered if anyone has any advice?

Also does anyone know if this will pick up any underlying heart problem (which is my BIG fear). For example today am not getting palps but have had a shooting pain in left side of chest and hurts a bit when I breathe in deep. Its not all the time but now and then and must admit I am starting to feel panicky....aaaagh!

ANy advice would be so gratefully received.


Kinnygirl x

24-08-11, 12:10
firstly you dont even know youve got it on ,i had a one a few weeks ago and secondly they are mainly done to put our mind at rest so im sure you will be fine palps etc are normal with anxiety xxx

24-08-11, 12:43
I agree it's a low maintenance test that will catch a lot of things. When I did it, they had a button that I was told to press when I think something weird was happening.

25-08-11, 13:23
Today's update - so I am wearing the heart monitor. You were all right when you said it was very unobtrusive. So far just had one ectopic. Although it scares me I kinda want all the horrible palps and things to happen today so that it will be picked up on the monitor and hopefully I will be assured that they are nothing serious if you know what I mean. This really does feel like my last chance to be reassured. I so want to put this anxiety behind me and get on with my normal life! Thanks all for listening. I will update soon!

Kinnygirl x

25-08-11, 13:58
Hey Kinky i have addressed this with a user on here before as i previousy did cardiography as part of my job. if you have any specific questions feel free to ask