View Full Version : Quetiapine for PTSD

29-08-11, 07:52
Hi has anyone been prescribed this , I have just been given this and have read the side effects and it terrifies me! so have delayed taking it.
I am so sensitive to meds and take alot and this is on top of everything else I take. I was given this to help with sleep as I basically don't get any due to flashbacks and hyper vigilance during the night.
But I also take nitazepam, prozac, amitrip and diazepam, now they want me to take this on top? 100mg a day

Weight gain is a side effect of this drug, and having a joint and muscle disease I can't afford to have extra weight piling on.

Any advice appreciated.

29-08-11, 08:27
I was on this for a couple of months along with Mirtazapine, to help with anxiety/depression. I was on 100mg at night which they later raised to 200mg........ I slept quite well but the mirtazapine helps sleep as well. The only side effect I had was my speech could go a bit slurry about an hour after I took it so I sounded slightly drunk!........... it was alright next morning...... I've now been switched to fluoxetine/olanzapine as it wasn't significantly helping my depression problem.

29-08-11, 21:16
Thank you for your reply, I have to take 10mg Nitrazepam and 50 amitrip at night, then 100mg during the day of Quetiaipine, but I don't want to be slurring or zombied.
My therapist prescribed it to help sleep and agitation from ptsd. I take prozac for depression.

26-09-11, 00:46
I've been on it. And as already mentioned above, it does affect your speech. Sometimes you don't even notice. Was only after my family told me how bad it was. I still feel bad thinking about any embarrassment I may have caused. But we are only human.

I hope you're doing well.