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12-05-06, 21:15

has anyone tried this.

I got good results initially, similar to Kava.

Has anyone had headaches taking l-theanine?


12-06-06, 22:52
I take a mix of rhodiola, nagnolia, relora and l-theanine. No headaches, i am feeling clamer, been on this two days and not needed a diazepam.

Take care

'This too will pass'

14-09-06, 23:43
L-Theanine and I go way back. It's very helpful to me. Keeps the edge off most of the time. I use it "as needed". Horribly expensive here in Germany but I'm worth it. ;)

No side effects at all. I use Solray brand 200mg.

18-09-06, 13:38
lol diealtehexe! am i worth it too? sorry...loreal in my head for a minute then!
Ive heard of L-theanine, i just totally forgot how to spell it,so couldnt research prices etc! But i have heard good results from it.
Becci x

18-09-06, 18:10
Hi i'm quite interested in trying this product, this may seem a daft idea but would anyone on here who uses it be willing to sell me a couple of tablets to try out before I buy some (they are quite dear and i'm a tight a**e from Yorkshire). Just a idea. Cheers FLOYD

23-02-07, 16:35
drinking lots of tea on 1 day in the week makes me feel good for days.