View Full Version : Stitching has helped my anxiety

29-08-11, 20:12
I have taken such an interest in stitching since having anxiety...if I'm alone I get on the sewing machine and just make lots of things, makes the time alone pass quick and I don't feel so anxious.

I would love if you could check out my blog, I'm hoping I can start selling my textile work as gifts.

Let me know what you think, thanks :)


29-08-11, 20:55
Wow, you have made some beautiful pieces! (I just took a peek!) :) It is brilliant that you've found something which helps you relax--and you're making a piece of art at the same time. Something to be very proud of. I'm reading a funny novel by the author Laurie Graham at the moment and one of the characters has just come to the conclusion that knitting is better than valium--I think I may look into taking up knitting. Seriously!

29-08-11, 22:10
Thank you for taking a look it really does mean alot, want as many people as possible to see what I'm doing because I guess I get so much from it I want others to see it and enjoy it too. I literally have became addicted to it I think, I'm always looking for fabric bundles, bits and bobs that I could use and I'm constantly thinking about what I could do so much that I don't really think about my anxiety at all! I think you should definitely start knitting...it really relaxes you and if you make something like a scarf or something you can use it is something to aim for :)

10-12-11, 19:53
Lovely work - I crochet. I find keeping my hands busy and concentrating on making something lovely very relaxing and rewarding, plus it's easy to pick up and put down.

My husband gets infuriated by all the wool in the house but he's always asking me to make things - he wants another blanket next so that's another 10 weeks work ahead of me :)

10-12-11, 20:25
Hi your work is lovely, i used to sew i was dress maker i made bridle wear I found the hand sewing very relaxing sewing hundreds of tiny beads loved it.
Keep up the good work