View Full Version : Hormones or pnd

01-09-11, 14:05
i need some advice, i gave birth 12 weeks ago to a healthy baby girl, i had the usual baby blues at 3+ days then all was good, i have had2 periods since the birth and had slight irritability, but this time pre period i have started having anxiety and surges of adrenilone, i dont feel down just fed up with feeling nervous all the time.
yesterday i was eating dinner and i had a hot flush and felt giddy and went into myself.
i did suffer with panic attacks and depression during pregnancy, and went from 10mg to 20mg of cipralex, i thought this would help keep all of this at bay, any advice is greatfully needed :unsure:


14-09-11, 12:09
i had this im now 18 months since i had my baby and its calmed down so much you can take anti depressenst i struggled ion for ages but wish id got some help quicker x