View Full Version : Persistent stomach ache - sign of HIV?

06-09-11, 18:00
I have had a stomach ache for almost two months. I keep reading online that this can be caused by early onset HIV. I don't think I have it, but I am scared out of my mind. Can someone with knowledge on this please tell me that having a sloshy, grumbly stomach for seven weeks is not always because of an STD?

I am single and have only had unprotected sex once in the past six months, to someone I had been seeing for quite some time.

06-09-11, 18:44
Oh health anxiety, out of all the things that can cause a tummy ache it picks HIV :)

I'm pretty sure if you had HIV you would have more symptoms than that, weakness, feeling ill, fever ,it weakens your immune system so you pick up every bug that's going around.

Have you any reason to think you may have it?
Also STD testing is good to do after each partner, I'm very pro testing lol I always encourage people including my friends to get tested.
They are lots of walk in centers you can go to, I'm not sure if they are free like in Ireland, but they are ones that take no personal details, only your phone number.

Have you been to your doctor?
You could have IBS or just too much acid in your tummy, are there any food that you think make it worse?
I often got an ill tummy with IBS.
Also probiotics can help settle down your tummy, you can get them in tablets or in yogurt drinks, things like stress and antibiotics can kill off all the good bacteria in your tummy.