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08-09-11, 20:47
Hey guys, I was just having a thought and googled (not a symptom) I realised there wasn't any "Anxiety Awareness" bracelets/jewellery around so I have just designed some and I'm thinking about making bracelets for us anxiety sufferers. I know we already have the "JFDI" bracelets but these could add to the range, tell me what you think guys. :shrug::)

Raf xxx.

08-09-11, 23:02
Really sweet idea. They look fab, u could go for it and add a logo that could in time become well known or do something with no more panic.
Just a thought really sweet

08-09-11, 23:14
Thanks Col! :) Yea I was thinking about doing a few which say "No More Panic" or our Usernames etc.. Open to all ideas

Raf xx

13-09-11, 21:57
i really love these and would definately buy one they are fab :D

13-09-11, 22:50
Very sweet Raff

~glowly worm~
19-09-11, 16:09
Raff thats fantastic!! Count me in if you make or sell them! :)

01-11-11, 19:09
i LOVE this idea , let me know if you make some i would love one!!!!

Panic Manic
23-01-12, 01:05
I love them! Personally I would not wear them, as I would be afraid, of being 'labeled'. :/

But they turned out really cool

05-04-12, 16:17
fabulous mate!! count me in as a buyer!! really cool and trendy, pink for the ladies though??? or a nice coral??x x :):yesyes: