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17-05-06, 10:43
I have suffering from anxiety for three years, but have i been suffering from social anxiety for longer ?, i always have trouble making the first step when talking to women, i don't have a clue why, but this has always been the case, to meet females in the past i have always had to be two parts drunk, so even though once over the first hurdle im ok, i am married with 2 kids, it has alway been frustrating for me.

17-05-06, 10:50
If your married with 2 kids why do you need
to meet new women?

Why is it frustrating if you have already met your woman and are now married, surely this shouldnt be a conecrn any more as you have found your one?

I am confused.....have i read your thread wrong?

Hay x

17-05-06, 11:26
On a social front, meeting women does not mean for a relationship does it ?? was just saying i must have been suffering a form of social anxiety for years without relising it, it was a open question really. ;)

17-05-06, 11:30
I get you, maybe just woman frighten you a little we are
very frightening, judgemental and just mainly b*tchy!!!!
lol lol lol

Maybe it is social anxiety, i never suffered this before so i should just shut my mouth ;);)

Hay x

17-05-06, 11:31
hi pilly
it could be that because you have always felt that way around women you are still inforcing that fear!.. how are you whenyou talk to your wifes friends do you still have the same fear? or could be a confidence thing? us women are not that bad!!! most are lovely and very friendly xx

jools xx

17-05-06, 11:33
lol just read hayles post
im sure she joking lol ..we not that bad ..good luck

jools xx

17-05-06, 11:36
No we arn't as bad as Hay says Pilly LOL

Take Care


Many People Will Walk
In & Out Of Your Life
But Only True Friends
Will Leave Footprints
In Your Heart

17-05-06, 13:09
I don't think i fear women in fact i have a lot of respect for women, its almost like a very bad type of shyness and like i said once the first encounter is done with im fine, but obviously first impressions count ;).
The reason im posting this is its very hard to caterise what anxiety im actually suffering from, there doesn't seem to be any pattern to my attacks, and yes i do feel the same with my wifes friends, so it must be a confidence problem and maybe not a anxiety problem, omg what have i started [:P]

17-05-06, 13:14
hi pilly
it does sound like a confidence thing to me! and not anxiety but then again one leads to the other...i would sugest trying to say hi to women but youmight look like a nutter lol im not sure how you could get around it maybe join a social club with your wife,does she know you have this problem?

jools xx

17-05-06, 18:18
Hi Pilly
i kno what you mean im really terrible meeting people for the first time and women can be really judgemental ,where as i think men tend to take you as they find you,i dont really have much confidence but my partner is really supportive, saying that mind he can talk for great britain so im always glad hes there when im meeting new people