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17-05-06, 11:31
please can anyone help i have been on cipramil for about 6 years now.and over the last year or so have been getting realy bad again with panic attacks and anxiety. so the doctor wants to put me on lustral/sertraline tablets.but i am realy worried about this how will i feel and will they help me.can any body help who has been through this thankyou.also will it take longer for the lustral to work because i have been on the cipramil for so long.

17-05-06, 18:20
Hi Tina
Yes, I have been through something similar. I was on Sertraline for two years for bad panic and anxiety. I didn't have any problems with it at all. I wish you luck!

20-05-06, 19:34

I transferred from Cipramil to Sertraline in March 05.
I've found the Lustral fine and have made progress with CBT and returned to work.

Good luck....don't forget it could end being your thoughts rather than the tablets making you feel strange !

Bye for now

08-06-06, 01:01

first timer here

i have suffered with health anxiety and depression for about a year went to doc 10 weeks ago and given lustral find an improvement would recomend stomach will feel sickly for about 3 weeks but does go away

while im here has anyone ever experienced pain and pressure in there top gums and face as if you had been blowing up 100s of ballons its driving me mad but could all be in my head as usual

good luck to everyone

04-10-12, 10:05
I went on to 50mg of lustral 9 weeks ago,after 4 weeks they upped me to 100mg,2 weeks ago they upped it again 150mg.I still wake up with major anxiety but the evenings are really good now.I know 6 people that are on this med and they swear by it. How long does it take to level out.Only positive reply's please.

04-10-12, 12:35
I been on it 14 weeks and would love an answer to this as still feel like im on a rolkercoaster

04-10-12, 12:39
7 weeks for me and today I feel like I am back to square one 7 weeks ago when I had my breakdown, I just want some time off from it. Good luck with your journey

04-10-12, 12:42
I started sertraline 4 days ago, I feel really good, have a bit of nausea about 4 hours after I take it but its not unbearable. Have had a bit of upset tummy again not too bad. The first few days I felt very hyper and nervy but it was easily tolerated. Today I feel quite calm, not so hyper. All in so far, nothing for you to worry about. Give it a go. Everyone is different. Xxx