View Full Version : homepathy and doctors meds

17-05-06, 12:06
is it safe to take homeapathic pills as well as prescibed antidepressants,also propranalol.or is this why i am constsntly edgy and dizzy


17-05-06, 12:59
Hi Mili, I am not a pro but I think most homeopathic medicine is o.k taken with a.d drugs. I think it is more likely to be a side effect of the drugs you are on. Possibly you may have low blood sugar. I sometimes get really weak and shaky when my blood sugar dips.

If you do have low blood sugar/ hypoglycaemia its worth eating something nutritional regularly. Small and regular meals.

Best to ask your doctor if it has been going on a while.


17-05-06, 17:09
HI - I studied homeopathy and alternative medicine on a correspondence course and homeopathic medicine in non intrusive so you should be ok. Wenjoy x

18-05-06, 07:27
Hello - I saw a homeopathist for a while and she said it was OK to take the remedies with conventional medication. Some people take them to help them come off medication. If your worried check with your GP but it shouldn't be a problem - which remedies are you taking?
Love Helen