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20-09-11, 15:07
Hi all am now 39 weeks pregnant with my 4th and my pregnancy has been fantastic with only a few episodes of anxiety where as with my boys i was terrible hormonal and anxious the entire time and since having them i have suffered badly with anxiety. things for the past 9 months have been fantastic and i began to wonder if i had finally begun to beat this disorder but here i am in the final few weeks and it has come back with a vengeance. The past 2 weeks have been horrendous, its not helped by the fact i am exhausted (always causes me anxiety) chest pains breathing probs and the last couple of days really bad headache and my face keeps goin numb but as i am also feeling tearful and stressed and my teeth are hurting i know its anxiety. Mybiggest fear is that i am gonna die in labour, i keep thinking although i wish baby was here it prob means i will be dead ! Every night when i say goodnight to my boys im really saying goodbye in case this is it, it is horrible ! I should also say hat a lot of the anxiety is caused by my weight, i weight 20 stone now, i had lost 2 stone prior to becoming pregnant which was also a big shock as i was on the coil and i have done very well by not piling on 3-4 stone like i did with the others so i know that the weight is mainly pregnancy related but still it terrifys me that i am so heavy and have to put my body through so much and im terrified its not gonna manage! Sorry for the long story hope i get some replys xxx

01-12-11, 18:17

I didn't have really bad anxiety when I was pregnant but I did have terrible thoughts about my baby dying during the birth.

It's a horrible feeling, I really feel for you.

You're going to be fine - even if some horrible situation did occur the medical staff would be all over it, you're going to be fine.

I hope your labour is quick and easy so you're up and about enjoying that baby and your other little ones!

Take care x

macc noodle
01-12-11, 18:24
Hey hun, it will soon be all over and you will have a lovely new baby at your side :D

I too was overweight with my second child - I was told not to put any weight on (I weighed 14.5 stone) and to be sensible - well I did really well and only put 7lbs on which I was really pleased with !! I think that you should be pleased that you managed to lose weight before getting pregnant and that you have not put it all back on during this pregnancy - be kind to yourself :hugs:

Were you overweight when you had your other babies?

Please don't get yourself all worked up about the weight issue and dying during childbirth - chances of it are miniscule honey - you really need to focus on the positives - you will be in hospital and you will be carefully monitored taking account of your weight etc.

Try and do some relaxation exercises as this will help keep your BP in the zone and also will help you calm down a little.

I think that we all get a little anxious as the time approaches for the birth of our babies and we sufferers of anxiety probably worry more about it just in case it is the old demon resurfacing whereas we are just the same as all new mums to be.

You will be fine and I want you to post and tell us about your beatiful new baby and how well you are once you have given birth :hugs:

Lots of love

Macc Noodle