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17-05-06, 16:22
Hi All

Just wanted to share somthing with you.

Over the last 6 months I have been having acupuncture for my anxiety and relatde physical conditions and I am feeling so much better. The treatment itself is relaxing and I always beenfit from them.

My acupuncturist also will put some ear seeds in my ear so that if I am feeling panicky between treatments I can just press them to ease the attack. They do work.

It really is worth a go just be careful to find a bona fide practitioner.

Love N Light

KatieS x

17-05-06, 17:02
Thanks for sharing that Katie,

I'm so glad it's helping you hun. I really believe in complementary therapies.

Take Care,

Love PIP'S X X

17-05-06, 20:17
I agree that acupuncture can help.

I've had this treatment for anxiety and always felt much more relaxed afterwards.


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