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22-09-11, 17:29
Ive got a good idea what this entails but was hoping to find someone that has had the test done and where your results actually identified a problem (or not as the case maybe).

for the record;- My consultant will be carrying out a pressure test using a catheter probe throuyh the nose into the stomach and this I am told measures pressures in the upper and lower esophageal spincters plus the gullet. this is then removed and i will then have a thinner 2mm probe inserted and worn for 24hours hooked up to a recording device that will measure acid reflux and the peristalisis pressures.

im hoping this will reveal the root of my problem.

from what ive read many people with problems swallowing food feel the problem is in the throat but im told its a common mistake and the problem could be lower down especially if food is backing up although i dont tend to get any chest pain.

whats it like wearing a wire down your throat for 24 hours and getting sleep and eating etc ?

22-09-11, 21:52
Hi, I had the tube 2 years ago. I'd so have it done again, I miss the tube up my nose. Even took loadsa photos,
The monumenty took 40 mins, was thicker tube, didnt gag at all, I have a sinus prob and couldnt get it up one side of nostril, luckily got it in the other siide with a struggle,even coughing up wasnt a problem, wearing it can be embarrasing, when you turn your head it can kinda stick and you feel it in throat,, make sure when you sleep you have a bedside table to rest the thing on,, unless you got double bed.
Worst bit is you have to drink water only, and no jam or acidy foods,.
I so want another one of these done,
You get a numb spray up your nose so you don't feel it, you can have water to swollow with a straw as its inserted so you don't gag.

23-09-11, 12:35
i havent met anyone yet that wants a procedure again! why? whats the problem being investigated?

24-09-11, 10:56
It's to test the muscles or something and then to see how much acid I had, came back normal, even though I wasnt in pain that day, I had bad acid pain the day after, typical

28-12-11, 10:15
Glad I badgered my hospital. After the endoscopy (normal) they had me down to see the consultant for the follow up on 20th Jan but i didnt see the point as he said he would see me after Manometry. Quite disorganised but after I got on the phone to the dept. they cancelled the appt on the 20th and I go in for the Manometry in Feb. The follow up is on the 9th March.

I do wonder if all these swallowing problems and feelings of being full quite quickly are down to food stacking up in my gullet. It would explain the feeling of being full after a few mouthfuls but perhaps its the upper valve causing problems......

If this test proves normal I think the final push will be to have another barium. I havent taken the coated bread barium test yet only the dry concrete like thick milkshake type and I struggled to get that down. The nurse had to make another less thick liquid for me.