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17-05-06, 23:26
Hi guys.

Just wondering does anyone else feel like this. When you are in big groups of people lets say at least about 4 people in a group and when you are at a family friends house, do you ever feel that everyone is watching you? And you just feel so embarrassed. Because wherever I go where there is about more than 4 people I just feel really embarrassed and I feel everyone is watching me. Like when I go babysitting sometimes and the parents and kids have some friends over before they go out I just feel so embarrassed and panicy. Just wondering if anyone else feels like this at all. And do you have any tips on how to control it? Thanks.

x x

18-05-06, 00:13
Hi Scooby,

I often feel like this and struggle with my social anxiety at times.

Trust me though they arn't watching you they may look over at you but then you will look at them to.

I know it's hard but try not to think they are watching you as it makes you more paranoid.

Think of you as the watcher not them. If I feel really paranoid that people are staring. I tend to picture them in a silly outfit or something. This makes me smile inside and feel more relaxed and eases the pressure a little.

Sorry that probably hasn't helped at all. You must think i'm a total odd bod! LOL

Take Care,

Love PIP'S X X

18-05-06, 00:28
hi there hun
yeah i think its just another flippin part of anxiety you know they are not really staring at you..i would aim a question at someone like "oh where did you get that dress/shoes/bag/etc..it will draw the attention to that person..
big hugs xx

jools xx

18-05-06, 01:42
Thanks Jools and Pips. Have tried that but it doesn't really work! lol. Don't know what to do. Nothing works. lol.

x x

18-05-06, 12:24
Hi scooby,

Try this link on social anxiety and see if it helps at all :

FEAR OF MESSAGES (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=6303)

Take care

Trac xx

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18-05-06, 12:30
Thanks for that link Trac. Much appreciated.

x x

18-05-06, 13:30
Hi Scooby

I feel just like you sometimes re being somewhere thinking all eyes are in my direction.

Think i will try Pip's tip.

Take Care


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25-05-06, 13:17
I always feel there is a lingering eye on me. But its must just be a feeling we get because why would anyone want to watch u. I know what its like hun It can really ruin a night out for me sometimes i just want to run and hide.
sorry i cant be of much help...

03-06-06, 10:56
I think that you need to keep practicing the technique of focusing attention externally. it takes ages for it to work as focusing internally has become your normal way of thinking when in a social situation. the key is to keep putting yourself in situations and try to remain externally focused. good luck and dont give up! it wont happen instantly but it will eventually