View Full Version : Colonoscopy & gastroscopy tomorrow !

29-09-11, 10:14
I have developed anxiety about my health since having a large duodenal polyp (pre cancerous) remove this year. I had no symptons and it was discovered "by accident" via a gastroscopy to investigate reflux. I was hospitalised for 5 weeks after a duodenal resection and the experience really spooked me. I am booked in tomorrow for a gastroscopy to check that all is well in the duodenum and a colonoscopy to check there is nothing lurking in the bowel. Quite anxious about the potential outcome of both !..

I took the first of two CitraFleet sachets this morning and, so far after just one "visit" its OK at the moment. However, I have read some awful reports of the "prep day" before a colonoscopy. Has anyone some words of reassurance for me ?

30-09-11, 09:27
I was diagnosed with Colitis and had to have a colonoscopy, the bowel prep took a while to work but it did and did the job well as for the colonoscopy it went well and i had no lasting adverse effects. Good luck with the procedure and hope all goes well

16-10-11, 20:55
yes ive had this. those prep sachets really blow the system clean!
its nothing to worry about but sitting on the loo is a bit tiresome.
the actual procedure itself is painless if just a tad uncomfy towards the end when they pump a bit of air into the bowel for a better view but you are allowed to go straight to the toilet after the exam is over.

16-10-11, 21:33
Always remeber this...

No matter how bad the treatment, it is never as bad as living with the illness they are trying to prevent.

Please always remember that. I have been through my fair share of invasive procedures, but the thing that kept me sane was knowing that the treatment and preventative measures are far better than living with the condition they are trying to help you with. I wish you all the best of luck!