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19-05-06, 11:05
Just joined a health centre a couple of weeks ago and it makes me feel great, try it, it might work for you [Wow!]

19-05-06, 13:38
well done!!

F**k with these buttons and knobs long enough, and maybe things will turn out...just fine!

19-05-06, 14:24
Yup! Burn off that adrenalin and all those toxins!!

* * *
It's just my high anxiety getting to the best of me. I call him Bingbongilypoop. Then I can laugh at him cos he has a funny name. HAHA! [points]

19-05-06, 16:24
Hi Pilly - glad to hear you're feeling good. How much exercise do you do and what type? I've started exercising again, but find it wipes me out and was wondering if maybe I was doing too much too soon.
Love Helen

19-05-06, 16:53
Well it really depends on how active you have been, but if you can its best to go to a health club because it gets you out aswell, and get on a program, the club i joined gives you three sessions with a fitness trainer.

10 mins on a tread mill
10 mins on a bike
10 mins rowing machine
10 mins on a walker

For two weeks then he will meet me again, i think also it might be worth mentioning it to your doctor aswell just to be on the safe side.

Also i have had 4 attacks of anxiety whilst there and i just excercided my way through it, it makes you feel like you have beat it [8D]

21-05-06, 11:01
Exercise helps awesome!

I started running (I am lazy) and it helped so much.

Have a bung leg now but it did help.


Learning to under react

25-05-06, 17:25

Yeah i agree exercise can really help, it can burn off alot of nervous tension.

I dance and the happy tunes also lift my spirits a little :D

Take care x