View Full Version : another mnd post sorry guys :-( help before i google

05-10-11, 17:26
ok so here goes again im sorry for boring you all but i have really been in a state for 2 days since a lady at the school put the words mnd to me when i was telling her about the pain in the joints of my fingers and wrist, my question is this im 31 so i know it would be very rare but i suppose nothing is impossible i dont want to google so i was hoping to here from somebody that has given in in the past, when i wake the pain is bad but if i take 1 ibruprofen it gets better for the rest of the day if it were als/mnd would it get better with painkillers and would it ease as the day gets on i dont know, logically i know the answer but i want somebody elses opinion it would really help me, please be honest though thanks so much :weep::weep:

05-10-11, 17:34
Hi Rebecca.

DONT GOOGLE! It will only make you feel worse. Trust me on this. I have very similar symptoms to you (and more besides) but I know that pain is rare with als. Normally onset is painless and people notice a loss of motor function before anything else. It really does sound like you have some kind of repetitive strain injury - or the joint pain could just be from stress. I have occasional pain in BOTH my hands and have had it in my wrist and shoulder as well.

And another thing - that woman in the school - what a total cow! Whether or not you know someone has anxiety WHY oh WHY would you say that to someone? She must have the IQ of a gnat.

05-10-11, 19:58
mel78 thanks you have really helped me, is that true that there is no pain? if so that is a great comfort to me. Also do you think it would be better by the end of the day if it were something serious also taking a simple pain killer wouldnt do anything would it? xx

05-10-11, 21:25
Rachel I'm pretty sure if it were mnd there would not be much you could do to alleviate the symptoms. It definitely wouldn't get better by the end of the day and I'd be surprised if ibuprofen had any effect what so ever! Try not to worry about this - if everyone who had joint pain thought they had ALS the world would be in a right state :-) (though this is very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black).

Please, please, please don't Google. It will make you feel 1000 time worse and you will mysteriously start developing all of the other symptoms you read about! You will be fine!