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07-10-11, 22:45

I've got my first colonoscopy tommorow. On the whole, i'm not too anxious about the procedure itself (mainly as I will make it clear as I did when I had my endoscopy that I need to be out for the count - or otherwise I am not doing it - which they listened to with my endoscopy). I was more anxious about the bowel prep.

My appointment is 9am tommorow morning (although let's face it, it probably won't be until 10.30) I took the first of two doses of pixolax at 7.30am right after breakfast. Found the stuff easy to drink and actually went back to bed. Then about 9.30 i woke up feeling very sick and then all hell broke loose. I have never ever in my life felt so ill - I was pouring sweat all over, i've never experienced anything like that before. That lasted about 20 mins. But then I was fine, still a little bit nauseous but ok. I took my second dose mid afternoon as intructed but did not eat lunch as I felt too sick. It's now 10.40pm and I haven't eaten since 7am so needless to say i am incredibly hungry.

Anway, i went to the loo once more about 2pm, but every time I have been after that it is literally just water, and relatively clear water at that - is this normal? should I be worried it isn't working properly? A lot of people said i would be on the loo all day but it's really been no different to having a wee..I'm really freaked out my bowel won't be clear enough.

I was also wondering if anyone had any tips on how to deal with the hunger? I've tried filling myself up on water and also on coke (which I was told I could drink) but nothing's working. I suffer with reflux so now my tummy is empty i'm getting heartburn and pain and am now very shakey and weak.


07-10-11, 22:55
Good luck tomorrow.

The prep day is the worst to be honest.

The water coming out now is normal as well.

You really can't eat anything but do you have any ice pops in the freezer?

07-10-11, 23:42
Thanks. :) Glad to know it is normal.

I don't have any ice pops that do not have colouring in them. :( I might try some chewing gum to at least calm down the reflux.

10-10-11, 23:44
Just dont worry the procedure and after is painless and most results are fine.Had it a few months ago.

13-10-11, 02:59
how did it go then? ive had this and the others are right the prep day is worse.

the 2 sachets are intended to clear and cleanse the bowel out to ensure the images are clear.

09-11-11, 19:13
Yep the prep out of this world I have posted a link to Billy Connelly talking about Colonoscopy & the prep (forgive his bad language) but it's well funny, sorry mods but I just felt it may bring a giggle or two.


09-11-11, 20:22
I have just stopped laughing, that was amazingly funny, I hope you colonoscopy went well, they should play that while you have it done, I had a sig and was lucky that I had enama at hospital.

29-05-12, 19:52
Ha Ha that was so funny. I've been worrying about having procedure done but now I will just think of Billy!