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10-10-11, 03:33
That is the feeling like your going crazy right? Have to double check lol
It's by far one of the worst symptoms to deal, if I focus on it, or let it scare me I can get stuck in this awful cycle of fear.
I had it bad a few months ago and sadly it took weeks for that horrible constant feeling of going crazy to wear off.

I have tried describing it so many times but it's hard.
It's like a detached feeling, like everything has some how suddenly changed, I'm consumed by this odd feeling of fear or unsettlement. My thoughts seem different or feels like I am hearing them or noticing them in a different way.

An extreme example is when I am having a migraine, as depersonalization is very common with migraines, Everything looks and feels different, when I speak it's not my voice I hear, it's like listening to a recording of my voice being played back to me.

What helps me is to just accept it, don't fight it, don't over think it, focus on things outside of yourself, listen to music, interact with people, watch a comedy to bring back your emotions, get enough sleep.

All you need to do is breathe and everything will be ok x :)

10-10-11, 07:51
Great advice Mishel

I had a period of it recently and it really freaked me out, but it does pass.


10-10-11, 12:46
Hi mishel, when I suffered from this, it was to me, like stepping into a landscape painting of my life, and being underwater at the same time, sure, everything was accounted for, but it didn't seem real, the colours were the weirdest part, and my head felt like sponge, almost like living in liquid (pardon the pun), it was a very scary sensation and to be honest, it lasted so long, that I thought it would be like it for the rest of my life. I've not felt that way now for over a year, thankfully, but I don't think I'll ever forget it, I guess the main thing is, I'm still here and not feeling that way right now, so it is no longer scary to me. Just another of these odd symptoms, that spring up, that we have to get through and accept. :-/

10-10-11, 13:00
Hiya to all,
This is somthing i first suffered from back in 2004 and i agree with you all its so terrifying.....since then ive still had the panic/depression but prozac has helped until august this year and omgggg!!!! the depersonalization reared its ugly head again.....its been a terrible time since then been given betablocker and valium by gp but only taken betablockers once and took the valium as and when for a few weeks......does any one know what actually causes this and how is best to treat it or probably wrong word to use and it should be how to defeat it:mad: had any one tried mindfulness.
I have brought claire weeks book.....has any tired a certain anti d or any other meds that have helped them, i have to say though its the most frightening thing ive ever had to deal with and ive had lots of scary things happen to me in my life, but this tops it:ohmy:.
Manda xx

11-10-11, 16:49
i'm slowly recovering from this, it's probably the worst thing iv'e ever experienced! Great advice from Mishel, that's the only way this thing can fade off..if you don't think about it and just get on and fill your day with routine and activity. Everything will get better :) im beginning to have more faith! lauren x

12-10-11, 00:08
I suffer from more of a derealization than depersonalistion, just the feeling that things look a bit different than before! It's a bit odd and can make me anxious. But as time goes on I'm getting used to it, and well different is becoming normal. Just accepting this helps me forget abut it