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16-10-11, 20:51
After reading a few of the other threads I thought I should clarify a point about sedation.

It seems from some of you (not sure which countries) had sedation rather than a throat spray and as a result you was completely out of the game, effectively you was asleep.

I have had two endoscopies with my first being with sedation and this is not my memory of it at all so sedation could well mean different levels of sedation in different parts of the world. I speak for sedation in the UK and this merely made me a bit drowsy but I wasnt asleep and it made for a drawn out uncomfortable examination lasting about 10 minutes longer than with the spray. I remember i was gagging on the endoscope quite a bit and found it hard to relax and breath.

I compare this to my recent endo where I had the throat spray and it was literally in, spray throat, lie down, insert camera, 2 to 3 minutes looking around then out. swallowing the endoscope tip wasnt nice but i tell you what it was far better than my experience of it under sdeation. although i had a slight gag reflex it was much easier to overcome than when i had the sedation.

I just thought it best to raise a bit of awareness in case everyone thought sedation wherever you are means you simply go to sleep. I dont think this is the case.

what do you remember about your endoscopy?

17-10-11, 03:29
Thanks for that Stuart. I had an endoscopy many years ago. In those days it meant having a full general anaesthetic!!!! It's so much quicker nowadays.

17-10-11, 13:37
indeed and there is all the usual risks associated with a general and you stay in hospital is much longer.

30-04-12, 18:42
I was unable to be sedated for mine, as I was an in-patient and had been on a drip of strong pain relief medication (morphine etc) which could not be mixed with the sedation drug. I was told I would be sedated until we got in the room and before I knew it I had a tube shoved down my throat! I have to say, if given the option, I would have chosen to be sedated. I remember every second of the procedure and it wasn't particularly pleasant!

10-08-12, 12:46
I had my endoscopy this morning. Under sedation. To be honest I don't remember much at all. I remember the green mouth guard thing they put in my mouth, and I remember lying on my left side. I can't remember having to gulp the tip down, nor how it felt inside. It was over very quickly.

10-08-12, 13:59
I was given the spray and sedation and I couldn't go through with it as I was panicking and gagging so much. I have a really bad gag reflex. The sedative had no effect on me at all.

This was a couple of years ago. Since then I have been taking omeprazole for the acid reflux. Most mornings I wake up feeling really sick because of all the acid that has come up during the night. I have my bed elevated and sleep on my left side. I avoid all the potential food and drink triggers for reflux but still get the damn stuff!

I really should try and have an endoscopy done again as something is not right, but it would be impossible at the moment as its nearly two years since I have left the house due to panic disorder with agoraphobia.

16-08-12, 15:07
Hi Stuart39, I have twice had Endoscopy with sedation and after being taken from the ward to the Endoscopy room then given the sedative my next memory is waking up back in the ward, dont remember anything else.

16-08-12, 16:02
I had a colonoscopy earlier this year with sedation and I can remember everything and didn't even feel woozy afterwards.

16-08-12, 16:32
I had sedation and I can't remember anything about it at all

16-08-12, 17:53
I had my procedure last week and was given sedation. I remember having the green mouthguard put in my mouth and the next memory was trying to find my glasses in the recovery ward.

18-09-12, 12:29
had one many years ago apx ten years ago was a horrible but nesseary thing,wasnt sedated but was advised it could seem worse if i was by nurse so jst gagged n threw up throughout the 5 min or so,

30-12-12, 23:46
I had spray and gagged on tube but it was over in minutes had sore throat for cple days tho if I had to do it again I think I would just get spray again ( remember I said think lol )

20-02-13, 12:32
I had an endoscopy last month, which I was extremely nervous about, and after discussing it with my doctor, as per his recommendation I opted for the sedation, and I'm really glad I did. I have a strong gag reflex, and I was also concerned about distress, or panicking/choking and causing perforations, dental damage, etc. I had the spray first (mandatory), then the sedation, and I remember the mouthguard going in, and being asked what my favourite cocktail was, and that was it. Next thing, about 45 minutes later, I woke up gently, by myself, in a recovery bay, with no memory of the procedure, no pain, and very little wooziness. They do say that you should have someone with you for the following 24 hours after sedation, but to be honest I was fine. I walked out of the hospital unaided, went home and took the afternoon quietly, just watching tv and dozing. I probably could have gone to work, in reality. My suggestion is, to anyone who is a bit freaked about having an endoscopy, don't be a hero, especially if you're scared. Just be kind to yourself and have the sedation! Opting for an afternoon appointment if possible means you don't have to lose much time off work, and a few hours taking care of yourself after that kind of process is not a bad thing anyway. If I had to have the procedure again, I'd go for sedation, without a doubt.:)

20-02-13, 14:41
I had it done a few years ago with sedation.
I must say it was horrible. The sedation didn't work
At all. I was gagging and trying to pull it out.

I felt very tramatised by it. I cried for days after.
I'm by no means a chicken but my experience was
Really horrid.
The doctor doing it was heartless and seemed totally
Put out by my reaction.

I know others that have had it done and its been fine.
All I can say is that I would never have it done in this
Particular hospital again!!
I still to this day, would love to go back and punch that
Doctor on the nose.

27-02-13, 10:48
I had it done with sedation (midazolam) and it was fantastic. They were reluctant to give me sedation but I said 'you wouldn't like me unsedated'. I was right, at the first panic, when they put the green thing in my mouth and I said I couldn't breathe, they put the sedative in, and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery ward feeling very happy!

On the other hand, I had a colonoscopy at the same hospital some years ago, they said they'd sedated me but I felt every miserable moment of it. However, I did feel quite woozy and happy afterwards, so perhaps it was just a very low dose and not enough to dull the pain.

26-10-15, 14:29
I had an endoscopy many years ago. In those days it meant having a full general anaesthetic!!!! It's so much quicker nowadays.

24-06-16, 01:07
I was totally out for mine, but we were in and out of the office in something like an hour, and I felt great afterwards-like I'd had a nice nap-so I don't think it was the same as a general?

Anyway, I have OCD and horrible HA, but I survived! If you can have them give you a, "Nap," when they do it, I'd recommend it! The guy who did mine does nothing but them all day long. It helps to keep mind that for medical professionals these are very, very routine.

Hope that helps someone!

08-10-16, 04:38
I had an endoscopy back in the 80ís, and had throat spray and sedation.