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18-10-11, 13:18
Hello everyone, i have been suffering with acid reflux for about 2 years now, the doctor gave me omeprazole which don't work, so now i have been referred for a endoscopy, which im worried about:scared15: does anyone know how long it lasts? and how big is the tube? im so worried in-case i wont be able to swallow while its being done.. i would appreciate amy comments on this.. thank you so much in advance.

18-10-11, 15:08
hi leesa
check my thread below about endos.
you can also read my personal lens about "Having an Endoscopy" on
www.squidoo.com/having-an-endoscopy (http://www.squidoo.com)
any questions just ask or PM.

19-10-11, 13:27
Thanks i will take a look. :)

17-01-12, 03:26
Hey they give you a mouth guard so you cannot bite down, the tube which was used on me as far as I can remember is maybe 50cm? Its not as scary as people think and its over within 3-6 minutes :) x